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Stop being a "wannapreneur"! Featured

Written by  Tuesday, 29 March 2016 17:37
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You have been waiting for this book so I can really kick your ass into action. You have been kinda playing around like a entrepreneur, but the thing is that you have just been acting like your business was your hobby.

Stop being so afraid to go after success and start to do business like you really mean it. You are a entrepreneur? Then you better start action like one. This book will get your ass into action. You need it fast. Trust me!

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  • Publisher: Camilla Kristiansen
  • Author(s):

    I’m Camilla Kristiansen and I believe you can have it all, in life and in business and that you can make money doing what you love. We all want success, money, be confident and live a life where we’re happy. Then we have to take action towards our dreams every single day. My mindset is pretty strong and I want you to work on that also and become the woman you see yourself as.

    Show up. Be you. Stand for something you believe in. Trust in yourself. share your message. Repeat.

    If you want to quit your 9-5 job like I did and follow your dreams then it’s possible for you also. I have traveled to Milan, Paris and London and how I live my life now, I can work from everywhere in the world. I have 2 kids, but that doesn’t stop me. Do the daily work, be confident, dress up like you mean it and speak your truth. I believe we all have a message in this world. What is yours?

    Camilla Kristiansen


    Professional Bio

    Growing up in a small town called Reine in Lofoten Camilla started her journey with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce/Business Studies. Later on she followed her passion in fashion and started her own business in 2010 as a stylist. Camilla now lives in Bodø with her two children and a supportive husband. Camilla is now ready to change women all around the world with her online company. Her mission is to help other women feel confident and beautiful in a cruelty free way and always be aware of their choices in life and how they affect our world. She’s all about taking action everyday to make your dreams come true. She can really kick your butt into action.

  • Availability: Paperback
  • Date of Publishing: Friday, 07 December 2012
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    Camilla Kristiansen is an amazing woman, entrepreneur and author! In this book she gives practical and honest advice to help take her reader to the next level in their business. The book is a quick and easy read, as well as very enjoyable. Great job Camilla, and thank you for taking your time to write 6,000 words a day, to help other prosper.

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My professional career has been in advertising and marketing. Held roles as esteemed as CEO. Today I enjoy the role of Creative Art Director for an agency. I am a spiritual person living a human experience as an enlightened soul traversing this planet. A life unfolding as a Universalist. To answer those who question, "What is a Universalist?" This is a term which means to me, a person who has invested in several different religions, gurus, teacher, leaders, books and into the laws of the universe to arrive at a single source of knowledge. The knowledge that we are all one universe. Interconnected consciousness of I AM, We Are, One. Hope you continue on your journey within and find your own illuminated garden. 


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