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The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul's Path to Success Featured

Written by  Thursday, 18 June 2015 08:07
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Source: Amazon
Author: Michelle Casto

The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul's Path To Success teaches readers how to connect with their Soul to live their greatest life. This book will touch and inspire people from all walks of life who are looking to wake up to their purpose, access their personal power, and be a contribution to themselves and the world.

The Destiny Discovery is a guide book for humanity’s awakening to a higher way of living that involves loving yourself, others, your life, your work. At this critical turning point in our history, millions of people just like you will finally answer those haunting questions of Who am I? Why am I Here? How Can I Help? You will release the old paradigm, step fully into the new consciousness by discovering your destiny and using the power within you to live that destiny.


You were encoded for greatness and possess everything you need to achieve that greatness in this lifetime. You don’t have to wait until next time around, clear your karma, or any other previously held belief system that limits you in anyway whatsoever.

In this enlightening book, Michelle L. Casto combines her proven Destiny Discovery Process and professional expertise in life transformation, personal growth, and career guidance to take you on an exciting journey of discovery toward the destiny that already lives in your heart. There are more than a dozen practical exercises, tools and insights in this book that will guide you to transform hidden self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, increase your self-knowledge, and empower you be your greatness.



Michelle Casto is a rare and beautiful light who has written a truly empowering book. In The Destiny Discovery, she lays out her system for walking the path of destiny that will truly enlighten those ready to step up into higher consciousness. —Michele Blood, Best-selling Author & Motivational Speaker


If 2012 presents to you the kind of uncertainties and changes that are unsettling, then seek your answers in Michelle Casto’s The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success. This compelling book gives you the tools to navigate the changes with ease and the keys to empowering yourself for a life of success, joy and abundance. Don’t start this transformational year without it! 

–Jackie Lapin, author of the international bestseller Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desire


Michelle L. Casto is one of the brightest lights in the shift of consciousness movement and her book, The Destiny Discovery will get you on your path of purpose.—John Harricharan, Best-Selling Author, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat


The Destiny Discovery will show you the way to your true path in life and have you feeling anything is possible. —Jillian Coleman Wheeler, Co-Author with Joe Vitale of Your Internet Cash Machine


In The Destiny Discovery, Michelle Casto lays a map of personal development out beautifully for you. She makes it easy to follow the bread crumbs to awaken your soul and BE the love that you are. 

—Lynnet Mckenzie, Energy healer


From The Author

I have amazing news. Your Destiny is closer than you think; in fact, it’s just one relationship away. This is a relationship you can have & enjoy right here, right now, should you choose to. It’s a relationship you have always had but perhaps have not cultivated and nourished. It’s a relationship that is essential to everything that shows up in your reality.

What is this relationship? It is the relationship with your own Soul. Many people don’t think much about their Destiny, and may even be intimidated by the term, mistakenly believing that something as grand as a “Destiny” is reserved for historical figures, spiritual leaders or famous people. Well, I believe Destiny is available to everyone of us. And it is what we choose it to be. As you will learn, the way to connect with your Destiny is to follow your path with heart and to do all of the things that bring you alive. 

Let the Journey begin......

Michelle Casto
The Rock Your Destiny Coach 
Intuitive Energy Alignment Expert,  Success Catalyst & Author

Profound Soul Clarity for Your Amazing Destiny
Discover How to 'Rock Your Destiny' 
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Additional Info

  • Publisher: LiveYourDestiny
  • Author(s):

    Michelle Casto

  • Availability: Kindle
  • Date of Publishing: Sunday, 11 December 2011
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