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The Wisdom Of Midlife Women Featured

Written by  Thursday, 18 June 2015 08:07
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Three time best-selling publisher Linda Joy brings you a sacred collection of stories from thirty remarkable women who found the courage to change things up midlife and blaze a new trail to authentic living. In The Wisdom of  Midlife Women 2, each author shares her intimate story of midlife transformation and the lessons learned along the way to empower you on your path and to remind you of your sacred wisdom.


No matter where you are on your midlife journey, this heartfelt compilation of stories will provide you with deeply profound inspiration and a valuable reminder that every challenge in your life is an opportunity for self-discovery and transformation. You will be treated to thirty sincere and transparent stories that will illuminate the wisdom that comes with entering the sacred ground that is midlife.  Staying true to Inspired Living Publishing’s Authentic Storytelling™  model each story is followed by insightful journal prompts to guide you deeper into your own truth and wisdom.


Feminine Wisdom:



Additional Info

  • Publisher: Inspired Living Publishing, LLC.
  • Author(s):


    Linda Joy
    Contributing authors for The Women of Midlife Women 2 include:

    Lisa Marie Rosati, Stacey Curnow, Shann Vander Leek, Dr. Mary E. Pritchard , Laura Clark, Peggy Nolan, Debra Reble, Ph.D., Lisa Michaels, Linda Bard, Alicia Booker, Mae Belteyn, Natasha Botkin, Michelle Casto, Felicia D’Haiti, Jen Flick, Colleen Georges, Zinnia Gupte, Cindy Hively, Nadia Krauss, Sree Meleth, Colleen Millett, Janet Nestor, Melissa Rapoport, Linda Sechrist, Laurie Seymour, Josee Smith, Nancy Smith, Theresa Williams, Saira Priest, Donna Hamilton, MD. 
  • Availability: Kindle
  • Date of Publishing: Saturday, 15 August 2015
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Dino Viper

My professional career has been in advertising and marketing. Held roles as esteemed as CEO. Today I enjoy the role of Creative Art Director for an agency. I am a spiritual person living a human experience as an enlightened soul traversing this planet. A life unfolding as a Universalist. To answer those who question, "What is a Universalist?" This is a term which means to me, a person who has invested in several different religions, gurus, teacher, leaders, books and into the laws of the universe to arrive at a single source of knowledge. The knowledge that we are all one universe. Interconnected consciousness of I AM, We Are, One. Hope you continue on your journey within and find your own illuminated garden. 


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