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Allowing Magnificence: Living the Expanded Version of Your Life Featured

Written by  Tuesday, 22 March 2016 19:57
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What does this book have to do with relationships? Everything! The basis of all partnership is “you.” If you’re living a life that’s not in harmony with your true desire, you can’t expect a partner to fix that for you. When you’re centered in your power and clarity, then true love can flourish.

Recipient of the Amazon Editors’ Favorite Books of 2014 award and Best Books of 2014, this book shows you how to reconnect to the limitless power you already possess. Allowing your innate magnificence to shine forth is found in the process of uncovering your own perfection, and realizing that you are your greatest asset.

To know the truth of “why things happen” (in life and love) is to live in the active understanding that all events and situations are here for your benefit. That means love life, friendship, career, health and financial goals. Extracting the gifts within any of these life challenges is the result of seeing beyond “what appears to be,” and seeing through to the higher purpose in all that occurs.

The design of Life is inherently wise. No matter how great our challenges, we were born with every tool we need to create our own liberation and transformation. In identifying the ongoing architecture that is here to aid us, we begin to taste a sublime freedom. In learning to read that architecture in “real-time,” we begin to live the perfection of who we are, and who we are here to become. Life becomes joyous and love unfolds with ease.

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  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Author(s):

    Susan Winter (Older Women/Younger Men, New Horizon Press) is an evolutionary relationship expert and social futurist specializing in emerging models of human consciousness. Susan writes, speaks and coaches on today’s innovative life choices and advanced thought systems. As a former national television anchor, she is regularly asked to present her insight on the many aspects of social evolution.

    Appearances include: THE OPRAH SHOW, THE TODAY SHOW, ABC/CBS/NBC EVENING NEWS, VH1, CNN, and MSNBC. Interviews include: COSMO (US/UK), HARPERS BAZAAR (US/UK/AUS), GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, THE NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, LONDON TIMES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, and NEW YORK MAGAZINE. Susan is the co-host of Love Online Radio heard on iTunes. All podcasts and articles can be found on: In her off-duty life, Susan enjoys the novelty of being a fantasy action figure model. Her comic book and action figure characters include: Lady Death (Chaos Comics), Knockout (Vertigo/DC Comics) and The Matrix’s Lady in Red. Living in Manhattan and Arizona, Susan divides her time between dynamic stimulation and creative solitude.


  • Availability: Paperback
  • Date of Publishing: Friday, 07 December 2012
  • Review:

    I consider myself to be a relatively open minded, evolved type of person. I read lots of books, listened to lots of tapes on self help and growth. I grew up with parents that attended EST in the 80's, searched out their true selves and looked for answers to why life seemed so hard. As I grew older I did the same thing and have felt pretty successful in searching out my "true self". But after reading Susan Winters book Allowing Magnificence I realize that there is no end game in finding your true self, it's an ongoing amazing, rewarding, sometimes frustrating life-long process. The book is beautifully written, honest, personal and a must read for anyone looking for answers, strength and reassurance that you are on the right path for you. Susan guides the reader gently through the concepts of our learned recordings of self, personal responsibility, change, growth and letting go of the things we have be taught and told that take us away from real ourselves.

    Her words are beautiful, powerful and honest. This book came at the perfect time for me and I am thankful for it. Allowing Magnificence will change your life in profound and important ways if you let it. 

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My professional career has been in advertising and marketing. Held roles as esteemed as CEO. Today I enjoy the role of Creative Art Director for an agency. I am a spiritual person living a human experience as an enlightened soul traversing this planet. A life unfolding as a Universalist. To answer those who question, "What is a Universalist?" This is a term which means to me, a person who has invested in several different religions, gurus, teacher, leaders, books and into the laws of the universe to arrive at a single source of knowledge. The knowledge that we are all one universe. Interconnected consciousness of I AM, We Are, One. Hope you continue on your journey within and find your own illuminated garden. 


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