The illuminated garden is a reference to the tranquility of mind and the heart space that lives and breathes life into your human form. It is the light source that is visible when you look into the eyes of another person. The brilliance can be admired when the reflection is seen by loving eyes returned to you. We all possess a link to the infinite storehouse of information. This intelligence is housed within your core source as a piece of the overall universal connection to source energy. If you are able to calm the mind and reduce the resistance of the society demands around you, there is a center of peace, love and hope for you. This place within is worth the journey to find your own illuminiated garden.

Dino Viper explains this in this Vblog as a brief introduction as to the purpose of this exploration.

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Author: Michelle Casto

The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul's Path To Success teaches readers how to connect with their Soul to live their greatest life. This book will touch and inspire people from all walks of life who are looking to wake up to their purpose, access their personal power, and be a contribution to themselves and the world.

The Destiny Discovery is a guide book for humanity’s awakening to a higher way of living that involves loving yourself, others, your life, your work. At this critical turning point in our history, millions of people just like you will finally answer those haunting questions of Who am I? Why am I Here? How Can I Help? You will release the old paradigm, step fully into the new consciousness by discovering your destiny and using the power within you to live that destiny.

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