Dino Viper

by Dino Viper

What began as a way to share my experiences through Twitter has begun an inner compulsion to release even more for others to read and learn. This is not about Dino Viper but about the journey to the place within all of us. This is the inner wisdom which is a link to the infinite bank of knowledge granted on loan by the universe. Nothing here on this web site or in any book or video has not already been taught. Therefore then this is an exploration of the mind and spirit to expand our conscious thinking into the next shift or upper rung of our collective way of life. The hope is that one or more of these images and quotes will spark a small change within you. That a message will resonate with you to look deeper within yourself.  
The reference to the life as a universalist is a question most have questioned me. Like others before me, I am a seeker. I assimilate many different types of teachings, books, religions, gurus and leaders to what turned into over 10,000 interviews over a 7-9 year span of time. Traveling to different countries to learn customs and alternate ways of living. To arrive at the very place where I began, with only myself.  The perspective attained I refer to as a universal point of view. That no matter which path or way you go about your journey you will always arrive at the same destination.  So I welcome you to share with me, some of the thoughts and visions. It is my greatest hope to make a small difference in a big way with as many people as I might be able to reach with the message to locate your own illuminated garden within. 
Love and Light
Dino Viper



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