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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"To become aware of yourself, is to behave as the observer. You can defuse negative feelings by this practice."

As humans, I believe that we have many things to learn from nature. And from the nature of other life forms on this planet. When I inspect the balance that they achieve in their life, I question our own intelligence. For all of our technological advancements we have not created more balance. In fact, we have created more separation more disharmony.  To further this point, we can not replicate the power of pollination or fertilization that our food sources rely upon without the talents of bees. We rely on them to such a degree for all the work they are able to do that we transport them to farms around the country. As their population dwindles we see a vital chain in our balance also falter as we are tied to them. 

We must begin to see ourselves as part of the Eco system not just an overlord willing to impose our will upon the planet. When this does not occur we revolt internally and externally we see this as anger and frustration. If you are able to take a step back an look at life on a macro scale instead of a micro scale you may see that we are all one. That we are all vital to each others survival. This is self awareness. This is the life of the observer. See joy in faces and know that they have a life of balance.


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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Discovery of your essence. Which is the person behind the mask. Is life's true treasure and its rewards. #dailychange."

To be the fearless leader the confidence must exude from within. When you forge ahead with intelligence and speed in your action this is focus. Many in business today lack focus. It is also the leading cause of failure with younger companies. Diversification while popular in mutual funds and hedge funds may not always be prudent in your corporate life due to the excessive strains if not managed properly. We may look at our competitors to revere the success they have earned. It is even possible to covet that which they have as something owed to you. If this were the case, it would be in your possession, which it is not yet.  What is possible, it to be satisfied with being the best at your particular focal point. In the popular self help book The Art Of War, this suggestion that a light force focuses on a small but severe attack on the opposing army rather than a full frontal assault is the primer for this illustration. 

If you can harness the person within you. Then what you realize that all you have is all you need. This air of confidence will lend itself in every meeting and with every negotiation. You will begin to see more opportunities for what they are, a winning or loosing strategy for the longevity of your business. Go with confidence, leave with your business. 


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Source: Emotional 
Author: Dino Viper

"Love and hope are the two most powerful forces you can use in your life. Embrace them and never let go."

Through this life, I have experienced great things. In terms of great gains of wealth and prosperity.  I have also experienced the great pain of loss of family and even became penny less. And for anyone who has been penny less, this is when a cup of coffee or a bottle of water can make the difference of whether you can hold onto hope for another day. So what is this about our humanity, that we can bear these fantastic highs but also experience these tremendous lows? You may have asked yourself this same question. Why me? Why is this occurring time and time again in my life?  This is to illustrate to you that you do not control anything that is not already laid out for you to experience. (I can only picture in my mind of sitting in the back seat while the cab driver is speeding down the crowded busy street narrowly missing pedestrians.) It is also to bring about humility to shine brightly on your gratitude. Now, it is also true, that some of us will not see this. For them, this is most unfortunate, because in it lies the greatest gift of all.  Love.  To the reader, I ask you to indulge me a minute longer. 

The one universal force that grants life  to us all loves you completely. It loves you more than you can even hate yourself. This is true unconditional love. And like all loves, sometimes this can mean that you will experience tough love too. When you take life for granted. When you do not pay respect to the life afforded to you. You may begin to feel the effects of this "tough love".  Like the story of Jobe, things will be taken away. Negative people will begin to fill your day. All of these things will begin to flood your current reality. It can be overwhelming. It can feel that there is no end in sight. You may ask, "When will this suffering ever end?"  So I will tell you.

When you yield to the situation. Accept this as your current reality. Not the next chapter of your life. You need to become the observer to your concerns and issues. Almost as if they were not yours to begin with.  You gain perspective. You begin to feel lighter and yes, even happier. This is when the love is returned to you. It is the humility factor coupled with gratitude that fortifies your soul. I call this moment ... FAITH FORWARD not FACE FORWARD.  When you entrust that all has a purpose that the greater good is begin served even at your expense. That you have love and hope living within your heart, then grace is returned to you.  

I know this, because I lived on less than $5 dollars a day after loosing my home, cars, family and relieved of my wealth and title. Yet, I was left with love, hope, gratitude, humility within my heart dwelling in my soul. I began to find things that would bring me happiness. These were the little things like sun light, fresh air and a warm smile became my treasures.  Today, life has made a turn around. I enjoy comforts again, yet I never forget the one source energy who gave my life meaning. So, if life has got you down or against the ropes, I am sending you my hug of Love and Hope, pass it on.




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Source: Inspirational Statement
Author: Dino Viper

"Accept education freely. Exercise caution when someone wishes to sell you info. There are no refunds for bad advice."

There is simply no substitute for progressive learning. This can be through experiences or literary works. Each day is another opportunity to gleam more information. In fact, that it is the value of information or data which will be the commodity of the future. To give you a brief example, just look at the data storage business. Days of huge file cabinents are reduced to a small data stick that can fit into your pocket or accessed from any part of the world via a data link or web connection. The person who manufactured the best buggy whip at the turn of the century would have never dreamt of such a world. But you are living in it. We all have access to mountains of information never previously available. This is another point of why the expansion of consciousness is occurring at an almost alarming rate of expansion.  There is simply no way to avoid the proliferation of information since there are so many access points.  

To exercise caution is not only prudent when you are attaining the education but practical. MBA degrees are some of the most expensive that I have witnessed to date. But valuable in terms of knowledge and influence in attaining a certain role in society. However, it is not the only method of attaining this same knowledge. So choose your sources wisely, because there are no refunds for bad advice, just lessons to be learned. 


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Source: Motivational Thoughts
Author: Dino Viper

"Are you more concerned with the having feeling rather than the being emotion? Your happiness can depend on the answer."

So much of our lives in the current state of consciousness is focused on the attainment of the material. It is a gaping hole within us. A feeling on non-completeness that we attempt to fill with objects. Object of materials items and objects of affections. Both often after attainment, still leave us with the same original feeling. During my years at the ad agency we spent much of our client's budgets in determining the emotional triggers which would cause this response. This can be referred to as the emotional purchase or impulse descision. The feeling is ingrained in us as small children as the term of currency was taught to us or the lack there of, which meant that we would not have an item. The attachment to having things to be complete is now seeded at a very tender age. Later, this is then used to foster that desire, ergo consumerism. 

What can not be bought is what you already have. That is the ability to be happy for what is. What is in your life or who is in your life presently. You can begin to feel happy and complete now. Sometimes a bit of programming or reverse programming is required. Hence, to begin your day with 10-20 things you are grateful for in your life, is a great way to start the change within. Then anything you attain in your life afterward is just simply a bonus. This is the "being happy" emotion, rather than a pursuit of things to make you more fulfilled. 



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Source: Aspiration
Author: Dino Viper

The reveal a mile at a time is the ultimate game of patience and faith. 

In this life, I have encountered those unique people that are able to see a bit further around the bend of time than others. Glimpses into a future not yet known to you or I. I often wondered if this was a gift or a curse. To be able to see the future but do very little about it. Or perhaps it is worse because it is not their own future that they see but others fortunes or loss. Never really able to capitalize on the ability in a traditional sense.  Would you even really want to know the future for better or for worse? Our curiosity will echo a resounding yes. 

And yet, we see the future in the eyes of children. We marvel at the advances of technology. Our endless searching beyond the stars to find a greater meaning to our lives. Yet, we plan our lives meagerly. Never really grasping the fact that our time is very limited. An old grief or past conflict carried in our rucksack for years weighs down our very footsteps to a crawl. Memories of a time forgotten by most plague our current emotional being. Always the burden of having one foot in the past and the other towards the future. Some have said that if you want to know the future then one only needs to review the past.  That we make our plans and that the universe laughs at them. The question becomes, how will the rational person deal with the knowing the past, the unknowing of the future and deal with the right here and now.

The answer is a mile at a time. One foot in front of the other. Making your plans based on the desired outcome. Visualizing the end game of how you would like you life to look is the basis of vision boards that people speak of. This has it's roots in intention. The intention is coupled with the emotion which causes things to react to you and around you. As long as I can remember, I had a vision of what I wanted my life to look like. I even had a time line at which these things would occur. Only to be taught by life itself of it's own internal clock and agenda.  It is the 'letting go" portion of the equation that my patience would not afford. It was the lack of faith that things were moving into place to occur in a later part of my life which I did not fully understand.

At present, I relax with the notion that all is as it should be. Or else it would be different. That the magic in the "not knowing" is life's surprises as it is revealed to us. So we don't know what we don't know until we do, becomes a mantra of letting go and appreciation. The appreciation stems from understanding that there are many factors of nature and circumstances that has to be aligned in order for our aspirations to be fully realized. Just because you want a full grown tree to grow in your backyard in weeks does not mean this will occur. But in time, you will see the tree raise to a height you had not imagined it could.


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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Regret is akin to attempting to fix a creaky door from your childhood home with only the power of your mind."

For every right decision made in your professional life. There is a series of poor decisions that you have learned from. This tack and yawn effect can be minimized as you prepare for the daily battles of business. Judgement is not made in a mental mind alliance can be flawed by one's own perspective. This is the trait of a young business owner. I don't not mean in age, I do mean of season.  However, there is not a longhorn who was not at one point a greenhorn on the field of business. To go backwards and try to fix those mistakes is futile. It is not uncommon to scrap a project to its core only to rebuild better and more profitable.  Make no mistake that is wrought with regret, because you hinder yourself from the greater lesson to be learned for the next engagement. 


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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"A state of allowance opens your awareness to the things around you. If you listen closely it may surprise you."

The subconscious is a wondrous tool if you are able to harness it's true potential. Take a small leap of faith to believe that you have linkage to an infinite store house of intelligence. That the place where it is collected is the energy within you, called the inner wisdom. You may call this the little voice in your head. But there is a louder and strong voice that is the feeling which is the emotional being with you that signals your direction.  As you sleep your resistance or your thinking mind is caught off guard. Without a way to block the line of communication, those who are open to the intelligence are granted bits and pieces like megabits of information. This is downloaded nightly, while the body is at rest. 

The self awareness becomes the understanding that you are a receiver of information. You will become more aware of what is being said or shown to you. You may see things and laugh out loud. This is not uncommon or peculiar, in fact it is very natural. As you allow yourself to be one with calm and focus my energy on positive outcomes for others, more will be given to you.


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Source: Inspirational
Author: Dino Viper

Life by default is not the life chosen but the one your left living. 

Growing up from a rather poor family in terms of material things, we could not buy the latest clothes and/ or toys. Most of the time, I would spend my time fantasizing of all the toys I would like to have while thumbing through a Sear's catalog that my grand mother left in the living room. Early on, statements like "hold back so everyone can have something to eat" or "care for the things you have because we can not get another", became a hallmark of my early childhood.  I even got a subscription from my Uncle in California called Unique Homes, which inspired thoughts of a dream life, far removed from what I was living at this time.

My father was a published poet, a military veteran and a graduate from Temple University. My mother was educated in the ways of unconditional love and spirituality.  As we went through life, I saw both of them make choices in their lives based on the best educated guesses they had available to them. These were not particularly wrong or right choices. They were just choices with outcomes and effects.  As with all decisions and choices that we make, many will not turn out as we planned. But all were destined to be carried out. I never faulted them for their choices, they made what they thought was the best choice at the time. 

When I stuck out as a young man, I joined the military and I went to the University who had annex on base in Hawaii. But I traveled extensively meeting people from all over the world with very different perspectives on life, money, religions and cultures. What I noticed was that those around them had shared views. Also they were similar in their nature or beliefs. Which gave credence to my mother's statement "you are who you associate with" as she was commenting my friends at the time.  So the question became, "Are we a product of our environment or a product of our associations?" This began to arise within my mind relentlessly. Who do I identify with or who do I want to be most akin to in this world?  These are the challenges of a youthful mind. One who is attempting to choose an identity looking outwardly instead of listening inwardly.  So I began to make choices of my own. Some of these I wished I hadn't, but in the end they were my own.  

With every person that I would meet, they each gave me a small clue on how they arrived at decisions they made in their life. At least so they said. As it turns out the ones I was most attracted to were the ones that I wanted to aspire being. Each of them was inspired by another person themselves. A author, a particular book or formula passed down from a generation or two. All of the self made men, like myself were formed by a thought process of another and immolated into another form.  I found modern time authors like David Ogilvy, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Wallace Wattles, Emerson, Earl Nightingale, Jefferson and countless others who spurned on some of the greatest minds of my current generation.  It was then clear to me and perhaps now to you, that the most successful people that I met where making more choices. They were making more choices grounded in a knowledge which afforded them a higher chance of probability of success.  They were utilizing another set of rules, laws and guidelines that I had never been taught growing up.

Through my experiences with the people I met during my investigation on what inspired them, I found that they were making more choices than I was daily. They were not living by default.  As you get older the choices seem to dwindle a bit because you may have lost the edge of youth, but gained the wisdom of life. This is simply not an absolute. You can begin to make more choices even now. The more choices you make the more your life will take on a different form. It will not look like your former life for long.  Now, you may be satisfied in some areas of your life. More than likely, not in all areas of your life. So begin to make choices that pertains strictly to this area and watch it take on a shape you did not think was possible. In reality it becomes possible. 

If you made it to the end of this rather lengthy article and would like for me to send you a book that changed my life, use the contact page and send me a message. In the body of message, type "Dino, I want change". I will then send you one of my favorites to you. 



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