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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"When you are present to the moment, time will stand still. Appreciate that pristine moment which has been waiting for you."

 Often when you are calm and present to the moment the thoughts have the freedom to move about in your mind. I recall, sitting on a the train heading into Manhattan. It was another finance meeting. Due to the nature of our business relationship, I knew that this meeting would be at best uncomfortable. I began to worry as I anticipated the outcome. Obviously, my vision was that our funding for the environmental programs would be cut. 

Then as I stared out the window of the train. It was early morning and the sun was beaming through the leaves of the large oak tree. The leaves were sparkling with beams of gold like glitter on my eyes. A question entered my mind. "Do you think that the universe worries that the tree is reaching up for the sun?" As the questions entered my mind the train slowed to almost a slow motion film. A response as a conscious thought came to me, "No." The resounding message meant that there is no reason to worry about what is not in the control of myself. That the universe has it's own plan of expansion and growth. 


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Source: Relationships
Author: Dino Viper

The Last First Date 

Picture in your mind, your first date. Sitting across from a new person. You are laughing and talking. The scenario seems almost too good to be true. A gnawing feeling nips at your insides. Butterflies lead to your stomach. You can not really place the reason, so you go on. You find yourself at bit more relaxed as the laughs continue when the mind loosens it's supremacy over the meeting.

The evening moves gently into the night. At the pace you had not realized. Trust and a closeness reveals itself without reason. Feeling the guard lower which has stood watch over your heart for so long slowly unwinds. A sense of knowing that the person has a good intentions without motive to hurt or betray you. And yet, this nagging feeling enters the space.

End of the night concludes with a gentle hug coupled by a tender kiss which lands on the cheek. Entering your place a sigh releases from your chest. You now lie in your bed starring up at the
ceiling. The rustling of the leaves shake in the wind outside your bedroom window. Replaying the moments of the night you attempt to source the feeling that alluded you earlier.

As you relax your mind, the notion becomes clear to you. Why you felt different during this time than previously. It was a forgotten chest locked away never to be sprung again. There was a key placed in a vanilla envelope along with a small piece of paper. On the paper a check list of things you sought in another person. Scoffed at by the many attempts to claim it's owner. Disillusioned by the past relationships, films of romance or the perfect partner.

The opening of the letter now reveals the seemingly realistic requirements.

  • Someone I can trust to grow old with.
  • Someone that will pick me up when I am low, fight for me
  • when the chips are down.
  • Allow me to fight when I am strong.
  • Will lead when I am nervous but,step aside to walk with me when I am able.
  • A person who will be faithful and understands the meaning of the word.
  • Someone who can make the crooked places straight and mend broken parts.
  • Love without conditions with the same devotions that I would have for them.
  • A person who will accept me for the person I am.
  • That laughing would be simple.
  • Drifting to sleep each night, with their face as the last I would see.

As a smile which has been on your face all night has become painful, while another realization begins to emerge. A complete sense of peace surrounds you. You know that your search has drawn to a  close. Because hours before this person introduced them self to you for the first time. As the sleep takes hold, the thought occurs to you. "I think that I just had the last first date of my life."


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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"The greatest fear is the one realized. Facing this fear removes it's hold over you." 

To be alone in this world can be a sad state of being. You may feel incomplete or less than. It can bring about such dissatisfaction in your life that disharmony occurs. Life begins to take on a shade of grey to which, all things in it begin to mask themselves with a certain hue of ugliness. Brace yourself that you may be the cause. Your belief within your mind is having this affect on the world around you and the reality you are living.  This is the Law of Cause and Effect. You are creating the space and place which is the culprit or cause of the situation. And the effects you are witnessing all around you as the worse things become highlighted. It appears everywhere.  This is your perspective, which you have the power to change. 

Here is the meat of the bone. You are never truly alone in this world. There is a being within you that is vibrant, loving, caring and kind. Inside other people on this planet share this with you. Your problems are not as unique as they appear to be. Many before you and many after will have the same issues. The lonely you feel is the lack of appreciation for who you are within yourself. If there is no one to love you in return, then spend all your love credits on yourself. It may be good to get involved with a non for profit or charity with a purpose which speaks to you. Give of yourself and more will be returned to you.  I venture that you will be able to relate to find others who feel the same way you do. Then you will realize that you were never really alone at all. 


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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

The mind can be the maze. Peace the liberator.

Often we allow the mind to rule our daily lives. We create the stories with our past experience as the foundation to create the world we believe in. However, this can be true or this can be a falsehood that lures you into a negative spin. In other cultures they call this Maya. Which is the fantasy created with the mix of ego and a mind out of control.  This can lead to major issues, as the world imagined becomes your nightmare.  Getting a break in thinking can begin to elevate this condition. Hence the one of the greatest benefits of meditation.  Beside reducing stress levels within the body, meditation can be a wonderful method a putting the mind to "off duty" status. 

As a species we are in touch with our feelings. Even those that will say that do not feel; actually feel the suppression or disconnect of feeling emotions. The lack of feelings about a person or subject is not unusual. This is why when people say that they have an amazing connection to a person or place it is such a wonderful surprising feeling. It can be a welcoming experience. There was a place in Culver City that I felt this overwhelming sense of love and acceptance. The place was called the Agape Spiritual Center with Micheal Beckwith.  I remember going there on a Wednesday night for the first time, after meeting someone in Santa Monica / Venice Beach and was told about the venue.  I walked into a huge place, where parking was difficult, the inner sanctum had a warm and inviting glow. I really had not thought about what to expect, I just felt that I was told about this place for a reason, therefore I followed.  The service began in the early evening which I was excited to hear him speak. His wife Ricki and the band came out first to open the heart. Then he asked the audience for all of those who were new or the first time at the center to stand.  As you can imagine, I was reluctant to be called out. But I hit the allow button and stood up along with maybe 4-5 other people.  The audience in attendance had been given a small card, with a welcome letter in it. They all read this aloud while holding their hands facing all of us. The line which stood out was "I see you. I see me in you." At this point, I felt my walls crumble and my eyes swell with a volume of tears. For it was at this moment that I had the feeling of acceptance and love. So much love at one time from a huge room of strangers that I became overwhelmed.  The feeling of being overwhelmed by Love was something I only felt in the early stages of love with a single person. To receive this from of love by an entire room of total strangers from all walks of life, was mind blowing.  To mean that it blew away the rational mind and drove me straight into my heart and more importantly into feeling.

Now maybe you will never find yourself in California. Maybe you will not have the same experience. My point is to tell you that this is possible. That there is an overwhelming love within you that comes from a place beyond you. That acceptance and tolerance can be tools to assist you to this place.  To be the very place you can return to each and every day.  As Micheal says as he ends his sermons, "And so it is."





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Source: Motivational Statement
Author: Dino Viper

"Don't allow your past to dominate your present. Live into the person you want to be today. I believe in you."

The image of a baby with piercing blue eyes, with a lunar space ship sitting on a launch pad was an art piece that I could not help to create to illustrate my point. You may think due to your age or circumstances that you are limited in your ability to change and become the person you want to be. This is a hard pill for many of us to swallow if we believe this. But I do not, I believe that you have the ability to move, to think, to change your perspective. Hence even in the smallest way begin to make a difference in your life. Imagine trying to tell a baby that it can not grow up to be an astronaut because you said so. This would be odd. However, it is the very thing you tell yourself about your own goals and aspirations.  Stop limiting your thoughts and desires. There has yet been a unit of measurement to determine the exact outcome of a person's life. 


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Source: Motivational
Author: Dino Viper

Paint your life in vibrant colors of love, happiness and grand aspirations with your own brush.

When you set out in life as a child, everything seems possible. Time and exposure to people begin to jade this thought process. Failures may cloud your judgement. In these times of great change of life circumstances, new sets of challenges are occurring. Some who may have been successful in a career may have been outsourced. There are even those who have become too qualified or expensive for their chosen professions. As, I hear the words "In a former life" when someone references the past glories I fear that those words bind them to live in a world that has passed them by.  If this sounds remotely familiar you may struggling to find your place in this world. Perhaps the family and loves has faded into pictures. You are faced with a life choice. How will I live? Where will I live? What will I do?  This can be a frighting conundrum that your mind cycles over and over attempting to locate an answer it may never find.

First, I want to illuminate the fact that you are not alone. Millions of people are finding a new place and position in this ever changing world. Calm your mind. Find quiet places to rest and meditate to reconnect to the infinite store house of intelligence available to you. Imagine a unlimited amount of knowledge on demand if you would only be still for moments at a time to hear the wisdom to be shared with you. Because this like any library you must be very quiet to allow the flow of information to be delivered to you. Once you arrive at this place of solitude, you can free yourself of the chains of heavy thoughts to begin a new canvas to paint your life upon. 

Artistans come in many styles and types. You are your own life artist. Anything you can picture clearly in your mind's eye, you can set out upon. There are successful people in every profession and there are examples of massive failures. The difference is the emotional connection that you have associated to the image painted on your canvas of life. If you have used paint strokes of love, aspirations and this resonates with your genuine happiness, then the energy put forth will be maximized. This is due to the universal of law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. Plainly stated, is that all persons have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. When you have a higher vibration this will consume a lower vibration. Hence, if you have passion then you will see a great change. Like any artist the final piece will be of your own hand envisioned by you. 


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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Do not allow the opinions of others sway your aspirations. They can not be you. Regret is a dark mistress."

In the course of our lives, there are people who have the best intentions behind their words. The opposite is also true. But for now let's us not focus on the words, but the emotional reasons behind their words.  This word is "failure".  It can be a crushing blow to any person for their own ego to bear. Shame might compliment this emotion which can become toxic shame to hinder any further aspirations of creativity.  The road you traverse here with these two emotions will bring you to a very dark place. A place of regret. It will become your companion. You will look at it and say you tried that with a scoff and therefore it will become the mistress that holds you back from greatness. 

I ask you to pause and think for only a moment of things that you did not do, because someone told you could not. Or perhaps that person did not believe you could.  Now, I will share with you the reality. THEY themselves could not do this thing. THEY could not fathom the potential that lies just beneath the surface of your soul. THEY could not see the limitless potentiality of your dreams. But you could. And if you gave up, it brings a small tug of sadness to your heart. Something unfulfilled in your life. Now you can never return to a seedling. You can only grow from this experience. How you go about the next chapter of your life is in fact up to you. Regardless of what anyone has told you. Follow your heart. Begin to take action on the things you believe whole hardheartedly in doing.  Even if you fail and fail again, I will tell you one thing. You will never look back and wish any different had occurred in your life. 


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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Life can be a hard task master. Yield to be the student, the lessons become more enjoyable."

In this life there is much confusion. A revolution within between the material realities that we walk through in our daily lives and the person within. The person within is the authentic self. This being within you knows that all that it desires. This is typically the feeling of kindness, wealth and happiness. To partake in a life that is enjoyable and also complete with love.  But life will often throw you a curve in the road. We can hardly understand the "why" in the purpose of being tasked with such dilemmas. You will see this in friends, family even in associates the nature  or size of their different burdens. To what purpose does this have meaning for me and how can I begin to become the good student in these areas of my life? 

The key to allowing this to pass is acceptance. It is the acceptance that these lessons are set forth to refine yourself,  to  test your resolve of spirit. Do not shrink from it, this separates the wheat from the chaff. Instead embrace the opportunity to learn from the instruction. We are all being refined into the person we will become. Purpose behind these lessons is meant to bring about real change within you and strengthen your commitments.  Now this is on a grand personal scale. But examples might be seen when you view a couple who had a major illness with one or the other to which the bond is even stronger than ever between them. You may see a company who was at the brink of bankruptcy only to turn it all around to become one of the industry leaders. So we do have examples to review. None of which compare to the personal engagements you have with the teacher of life.  


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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"You will not understand the grand design unless you appreciate the beauty that is within you."

Over the years, I spent much of my time in focus groups, labs and research facilities both for my employ and abroad through my travels. I was always curious at what beliefs people may have had. To gain a better appreciation for life itself. I wanted to know their own motivations. We can all relate to the primary motives of love, shelter, warmth, food, power but beyond that laid my curiosities. This had culminated in interviews with people from all walks of life.  From the extraordinary wealthy to ambassadors right down to spending quality time with a man on a street corner in an effort to gain an understanding. This of course, included sampling different religions, books, visionaries  which many claim to be driving force behind the people I met. It was like a real world game of "Who Done It." In this case, however, it was "Who said it" and/or "Who wrote it"?  Through these meetings I arrived at the same place, a center place. This place that is all encompassing. All of these points of view are necessary to culminate into the current reality that we share. Not one better than the other, not one who doesn't have something in the smallest of ways in common with the other. It was as if, it all came from the same source spring yet told in many different languages.  That there is a real beauty within you that burns brightly, which also seeks expression in the things that you do in your daily life. 

As I look at the image of a dragon fly, I am reminded of the immense amount of details displayed in these life forms. The smallest of hairs which help it determine winds and atmospheric pressures. Even the amazingly vivid color splashes but with a purpose. Even as I peer in through the delicate wings, I see a grand design. I am reminded that even this small creature can yet teach me, that perhaps the colors are not perfectly aligned. That the single wing may look slightly different, to make it unique. As I should look at all people and all living life forms on this planet. That there is true beauty within each of us and even the flaws are perfectly you.  So not matter who I speak to now, I know that there is a true purpose in the design by the great architect who made me and even made the smallest dragon fly to exist together in this world.



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