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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Your next great idea may change the way of life for people everywhere. Follow your dreams."

It is not uncommon to hear a person say, "I was wakened by a dream last night with this idea that I could not get out of my head." This sometimes occurs to you while standing in a shower or relaxing in your favorite chair. The ideas even try to penetrate your mind as you attempt to calm your inner self for your daily meditation practice. Yes, it's true the average person has over 60,000 thoughts in a given day. That is a lot of a single person, yet we do this automatically. In the book Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell writes of an auto or servo mechanism that is in your head that has the ability to compute difficult tasks to solve problems.  For the lay person, this may mean to you the subconscious mind.  For this is a truly powerful tool if you can allow it to permeate through your daily life.  It is able to do more than just ensure you breathe, blink and make your heart pump. The subconscious mind is intuitive. Freedom is handed to it each time we rest for meditation, dreaming or simply relaxing.  This subversive mind just turns on.  

Have you heard a person say to you that they will put this on the back of their mind for a bit? The person may have said to you, "Let us leave this subject and return to it later".  This is the higher mind which understands that the subconscious plays a vital role in arriving at key solutions. Albeit slower and more originating from within, the concepts and strategies arrive to the surface. The mind is an antenna able to receive and decipher complex information in milliseconds, yet we bind it down to our worries, senseless thinking, even dull it with programming or drown it with noise.  But when you are calm to become ever so quiet without focus other than to notice the intention of a solution, then the next great idea is delivered to you.  It is an amazing thing, to know that this is the same method as Albert Einstein used to arrive at some of his own theories. Yet, it is available to you and I.  How will your next big idea, transform your world and our perception of life? Dream largely.


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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"What is a life without passion? I charge you to live passionately about the small things. For these can become great."

A life without a true passion feels a bit boring. Even to the point of exhaustion with the senseless brooding and endless thinking. To solve your problems, the machinery in your mind must be shut down and allowed to cool. It is this place that you can find the answers. Often these answers arrive almost instantly to interrupt this inner calm. Resist the temptation to allow your mind to control the space you are living in.  To this end, I make my point to you. 

When you are active in things you are passionate about, life has a certain flow. A welcoming feeling washes over your every step. This is visible to others as a glowing energy or aura about you. Something just bubbling inside you that you can not hide from the outside world. If this is your business, then you are in luck's carriage, for grand success is assured to you. 


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Source: Inspirational
Author: Dino Viper

Open you heart to destiny. Release your mind of control of others. Live by a vision.

Over the past few months, there has been a few requests to discus the subject of destiny and karma and their roles in our lives. These are subjective topics. Which can have strong passionate debates from various vantage points and beliefs.  So for the basis of this article, let's accept that these are realities since these are concepts perceived by the minds of the masses. What you can conceive and believe can become the reality you live through.  I prefer to reference the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Which is that nothing happens by chance or not within the boundaries of acceptable limits of the universal laws or caused by our own influence. Simpler explaination is you reap what you sow. 

If you open your heart energy to destiny then you may see people respond with love towards you. Attraction from others becomes almost alarming. The allowance may pose a challenge for those who have experienced painful and abusive relationships. However, if the origination point is honest then the reflection you see in the new faces or engagements is it's equal. People who have ill intentions towards you have a way of being repulsed by this genuine energy.  A small practice to prove this point, is the name game.  Each place I visit, if I hear a name or read a name badge of a person. I address them by their name and ask them how their day is treating them.  When you heart energy is right, they will light up and return this to you. It is a daily change activity, but soon the habit will be formed.  Now you have a gauge on your influence on destiny as new people and opportunities unfold from this positive practice. 

When you look at the concept of control, this is a very hostile tactic.  Not only towards others, but inwardly also. Attempting to control all aspects of your own life or the lives of others is a daunting task. Perhaps the extreme is the control of the mind of others which has unpredictable results. Failure is assured to maintain this exercise as it will cause unrest within yourself and in the people you interact with on a daily basis. Conflicts will become your companion.  From the abstract you are unable control the rotational spin of the planet. You are unable to control the ebb and flow of the ocean as it crashes against the rocks. Surely, we can predict behaviors as we do in games of chess and strategy, but control is a illusion unless it is of one's self.  Releasing the mind of this harmful activity has a freedom that will lead to better physical and mental health. Suddenly, people will state things that improve your own self worth. Examples of these could be, "You seem at peace with life" or "I wish I could be like you.", "You seem so calm with so many issues".  Giving up control will allow you the opportunity to envision a life you want to live.  

We are all students of life. Each of us is equipped with an inner wisdom. Destiny can unfold when you heart is in the right place. Karma can be a benefit as you relinquish the death grip on controlling others. Forgiveness will solve many of the past baggage you have monogrammed with names and places.  Vision of a life filled with peace and happiness is completely under your guidance.


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Source: Reflections
Author: Dino Viper

The greatest love you will ever know is waiting to reveal itself, only when you allow it.

Growing up as a mix raced family, came with it's own set of challenges and also benefits. There was a notion that I had to be a certain way or to choose a side to represent. This identity conflict was the accepted behaviors and those of internal feelings. When adult hood set in traveling was part of the experience. The uniqueness of my identity was mirrored by others in their own blends.  This blending of the genes became something of a marvel. Immediately interested in how one person came to appear to be on the outside.  What impressions had their cultures or examples developed such a masterpiece. Gaining appreciation for each individual's personal story from all ages was an amazing curiosity.  The voyage into their backgrounds was one of adventures, strife, tribulations and triumph. And triumph it was because the person speaking would not exist if it this point was not valid.

During this time many people along the way offered the advice that one must learn to love themselves before someone could love them equally in return.  The idea of self love I assumed was automatic.  The belief to give all to one person than to take in gratis, culminated into feelings of emptiness.  It wasn't until I was truly alone did I awaken to appreciate the wonderful mix of a person that I had become. If only to myself and no other held such a belief, this would be accepted with peace.

Shifting the focus to the senses was an awakening. These are the gifts granted for us to explore this world. Feeling the sun on the face. Pushed by a breeze with arms extended on a beach. The scent of the ocean breaking upon the dock's pillars. Running fingers through flowers to feel their delicate petals.  In appreciation for the world's most obvious it was revealed,  that I must be a part of these wonderful gifts to be loved. At this point I found bliss in the stillness of the environment around me of which I was a part. 

And so it is with you now to be revealed. That the greatest love is that of appreciation and allowance for the wonderful mix of events or circumstances that brought you to this very moment in time. For the very purpose of the human experience of life itself to exist as a triumph. Squandering this time is a travesty against yourself even more so to the benefit you can bring to mankind. Explore the love for the person within you. Feel the fabric of the world around you. Enjoy the bliss in knowing you are loved.


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Source: Spiritual
Author: Dino Viper

"Lost to gain. Gained what I never had. Found within myself which had never been lost."

We see this through the pages of history, the loss and triumph of grand figures. The failure only to rise again. Success over insurmountable odds. These are the stories which inspire minds to dream. Creations that will cause the inception of a belief that nothing is impossible.  And yet, deep in the recess of our minds, the flicker of doubt that haunts us. The growing fear of loss. But what if you lost everything? Would you not have everything to gain? I pose this question. What would this discovery explain about the true entity that lives within you? 

It is this very thing that inspires my daily thoughts and actions. There was a time that I manifested many things into my life, by sheer will and determination.  I racked up the score card and made the notches on what I believed would bring me ultimate satisfaction.  The trappings of a perfect life to the outsider looking in. When in fact, it brought me closer to a reality of lacking something greater in my life. The endless pit of filling yet feeling empty at the same time was bewildering to me. Why? About this time of the question of why, that it was shown to me.  Here I will inject a word of caution to the reader.

Be wary of the questions you ask of the universe. Because the answers may be revealed to you in real time. Typically at a time you may not be prepared to receive those answers.

Such was the case for me. My yearning to reach a new level of understanding to be filled with a quality of life, set into motion a whirlwind that blew away my current existence.  The family marriage fell apart. My wife at the time was hospitalized. My children transplanted into a relatives home. The company I had created was elevated from my oversight by my investors and partners. I found myself without a penny, without my family, in a foreign country without the ability to return.  This was to be my greatest journey and within that the greatest discovery in a single word. This word was fulfillment.  I found that once stripped off all the things that was not true self, I was only left with my authentic self. A humbling experience to have the ego dismantled in such a way. But a necessary step in the evolutionary process to come to an appreciation for what was there within me the entire time.  

It was the light in the darkest of times. The blanket on the coldest of nights. Thirst quenched with the understanding that I could be happy with a little or nothing at all. For the breeze became a salvation from the heat. And kindness from a stranger my angel in disguise.  This was the shining moment. The make or break it time.  Would I collapse and crawl under a bridge or be the example that you can rise above and take on life? To harness a power tempered by wisdom so great that it beams from your chest into the eyes of others who gaze upon you. Releasing to be loved. 

Be filled with this light that you have within you. Live to be the example. Perhaps you will never know this humility, I pray that you don't. But if you are feeling alone, hungry and tired you are on the verge of understanding humanity at it's most primal level. Show kindness towards others, for you never know at which intersection of their life you have met them.


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Source: Inspiration
Author: Dino Viper

To have a little or to have a lot, it matters not. For at our end, we meet ourselves as we began.

viper nycI recall leaving the high rise from which towered over the 43rd street of Manhattan. It took two elevators and across a mezzanine to get to the last one before my decent to the ground floor. My spirits were elated with a sense of accomplishment of the day's events.  As I left the building I was bombarded with busy people heading to the train station on 42nd street. Everyone was traveling so fast that they appeared to be almost a blur to me. I glanced down at my time piece which was always unforgiving with an impending meet at the Australian Pub. Friends were gathering to watch cricket. A place where we would share our exploits of the day.

As I went along I was bumped and found myself standing on a corner almost knocked off my center. I stopped to look around at all of the faces that were now passing by me. I began to look at them as beautiful manifestations. Variations of the same mold. I marveled how each was uniquely shaped, sized and colored. The thought that crossed my mind was, how amazing a creator to create so many various people. My appreciation for the moment and for the people in it took hold. I began to imagine them as brilliant effervescent lights. I saw them as energies bouncing into one another. Zipping on and off a corner to cross the street. It became so bright that I almost could not make out their form any longer. 

Another bump from a stranger and the moment was lost. But the memory will always be etched on my life experience. For it was then that I did not see individual people but their vivid colors of the same light. All the same regardless of their body forms. This is how we began in life. As a spark of energy to fill into a form. This formless self is how we will return at the end of our journey. 

What is important to understand that "how" we lived or loved is what makes any real mark on our experience while we are here. That regardless of the material items we surround ourselves with, it can not replace our true self within. This was the reminder I received that day. Now, I leave it with you.



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