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Moble App: Michelle Casto
Author: Michelle Casto a.k.a Bright Michelle

Have you ever thought, “ What will make me truly happy in my relationships and career?” or “Am I living my true life purpose? “ or “What’s holding me back from having what I want?” I know I used to ask myself these questions all the time.
I am happy to say that I have found a few answers, as well as a few new questions to help you “find the MORE that you have been searching for.”

Moble App: Melstar Uni-Verse

Author: Rev. Melony McGant

A Compassionate Communications Professional with a strong track record in public relations, and the development of special events, my goal is to be of service by helping people and organizations grow by listening, facilitating and asking good questions so that they identify their unique gifts and goals to actively contribute to Society's Good.

Mobile App: Dino Viper

Author: Dino Viper

Dino Viper releases this mobile app to spread his message of the journey to place within. A place where peace, love and joy. From videos, to sound tracks and writings now all are collected is this mobile app for you. 

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