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Source: Reflections
Author: Dino Viper

The greatest love you will ever know is waiting to reveal itself, only when you allow it.

Growing up as a mix raced family, came with it's own set of challenges and also benefits. There was a notion that I had to be a certain way or to choose a side to represent. This identity conflict was the accepted behaviors and those of internal feelings. When adult hood set in traveling was part of the experience. The uniqueness of my identity was mirrored by others in their own blends.  This blending of the genes became something of a marvel. Immediately interested in how one person came to appear to be on the outside.  What impressions had their cultures or examples developed such a masterpiece. Gaining appreciation for each individual's personal story from all ages was an amazing curiosity.  The voyage into their backgrounds was one of adventures, strife, tribulations and triumph. And triumph it was because the person speaking would not exist if it this point was not valid.

During this time many people along the way offered the advice that one must learn to love themselves before someone could love them equally in return.  The idea of self love I assumed was automatic.  The belief to give all to one person than to take in gratis, culminated into feelings of emptiness.  It wasn't until I was truly alone did I awaken to appreciate the wonderful mix of a person that I had become. If only to myself and no other held such a belief, this would be accepted with peace.

Shifting the focus to the senses was an awakening. These are the gifts granted for us to explore this world. Feeling the sun on the face. Pushed by a breeze with arms extended on a beach. The scent of the ocean breaking upon the dock's pillars. Running fingers through flowers to feel their delicate petals.  In appreciation for the world's most obvious it was revealed,  that I must be a part of these wonderful gifts to be loved. At this point I found bliss in the stillness of the environment around me of which I was a part. 

And so it is with you now to be revealed. That the greatest love is that of appreciation and allowance for the wonderful mix of events or circumstances that brought you to this very moment in time. For the very purpose of the human experience of life itself to exist as a triumph. Squandering this time is a travesty against yourself even more so to the benefit you can bring to mankind. Explore the love for the person within you. Feel the fabric of the world around you. Enjoy the bliss in knowing you are loved.



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