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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Your next great idea may change the way of life for people everywhere. Follow your dreams."

It is not uncommon to hear a person say, "I was wakened by a dream last night with this idea that I could not get out of my head." This sometimes occurs to you while standing in a shower or relaxing in your favorite chair. The ideas even try to penetrate your mind as you attempt to calm your inner self for your daily meditation practice. Yes, it's true the average person has over 60,000 thoughts in a given day. That is a lot of a single person, yet we do this automatically. In the book Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell writes of an auto or servo mechanism that is in your head that has the ability to compute difficult tasks to solve problems.  For the lay person, this may mean to you the subconscious mind.  For this is a truly powerful tool if you can allow it to permeate through your daily life.  It is able to do more than just ensure you breathe, blink and make your heart pump. The subconscious mind is intuitive. Freedom is handed to it each time we rest for meditation, dreaming or simply relaxing.  This subversive mind just turns on.  

Have you heard a person say to you that they will put this on the back of their mind for a bit? The person may have said to you, "Let us leave this subject and return to it later".  This is the higher mind which understands that the subconscious plays a vital role in arriving at key solutions. Albeit slower and more originating from within, the concepts and strategies arrive to the surface. The mind is an antenna able to receive and decipher complex information in milliseconds, yet we bind it down to our worries, senseless thinking, even dull it with programming or drown it with noise.  But when you are calm to become ever so quiet without focus other than to notice the intention of a solution, then the next great idea is delivered to you.  It is an amazing thing, to know that this is the same method as Albert Einstein used to arrive at some of his own theories. Yet, it is available to you and I.  How will your next big idea, transform your world and our perception of life? Dream largely.



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