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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Life can be a hard task master. Yield to be the student, the lessons become more enjoyable."

In this life there is much confusion. A revolution within between the material realities that we walk through in our daily lives and the person within. The person within is the authentic self. This being within you knows that all that it desires. This is typically the feeling of kindness, wealth and happiness. To partake in a life that is enjoyable and also complete with love.  But life will often throw you a curve in the road. We can hardly understand the "why" in the purpose of being tasked with such dilemmas. You will see this in friends, family even in associates the nature  or size of their different burdens. To what purpose does this have meaning for me and how can I begin to become the good student in these areas of my life? 

The key to allowing this to pass is acceptance. It is the acceptance that these lessons are set forth to refine yourself,  to  test your resolve of spirit. Do not shrink from it, this separates the wheat from the chaff. Instead embrace the opportunity to learn from the instruction. We are all being refined into the person we will become. Purpose behind these lessons is meant to bring about real change within you and strengthen your commitments.  Now this is on a grand personal scale. But examples might be seen when you view a couple who had a major illness with one or the other to which the bond is even stronger than ever between them. You may see a company who was at the brink of bankruptcy only to turn it all around to become one of the industry leaders. So we do have examples to review. None of which compare to the personal engagements you have with the teacher of life.  



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