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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Even rocks can be transformed into brilliance and rarity if afforded the time. Allow yourself grace today. #dailychange "

Carbon is a dynamic element. A fundamental building block of all life forms and objects on this planet. It does take on many shapes. Once shape entered my mind of a rock being compressed under intense pressure for centuries which yielded the diamond. One that adorned the ring finger of the lady in front of me with such brilliance that I thought it to be a star. Then it came to me, even a rock can be transformed why not anyone else? And so it is. We have the ability to refine our existence. Our very nature and composition of our bodies is completely up to our own decision. True there are limits to the human form. I can not exceed six feet and certainly will not play professional football. What is possible is that I can monitor my eating and resting habits. I can reduce my exposure to harmful chemicals. I can be happier and educe a sense of well being upon myself. Learn how to go deeper into the meditation practices. 

And so can you. Change your environment. This is the internal and external environments. Transform yourself from a life as a piece of coal to the brilliance of a diamond. Even if no one but you see this change, it is worth the investment in the journey.


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