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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"A state of allowance opens your awareness to the things around you. If you listen closely it may surprise you."

The subconscious is a wondrous tool if you are able to harness it's true potential. Take a small leap of faith to believe that you have linkage to an infinite store house of intelligence. That the place where it is collected is the energy within you, called the inner wisdom. You may call this the little voice in your head. But there is a louder and strong voice that is the feeling which is the emotional being with you that signals your direction.  As you sleep your resistance or your thinking mind is caught off guard. Without a way to block the line of communication, those who are open to the intelligence are granted bits and pieces like megabits of information. This is downloaded nightly, while the body is at rest. 

The self awareness becomes the understanding that you are a receiver of information. You will become more aware of what is being said or shown to you. You may see things and laugh out loud. This is not uncommon or peculiar, in fact it is very natural. As you allow yourself to be one with calm and focus my energy on positive outcomes for others, more will be given to you.



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