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The inner strength comes over time. It gains momentum in your life as you let go of the ego that binds you. This is not reckless abandonment of your obligations and responsibilities. But it is however, the freedom to know the sort of animal that resides within you. If the greatest people who have lived stopped short of fulfilling their dreams, we may not be using a device or computer today to read this article. Perhaps, I would be using a type writer, hoping that this would be published. Amazing to think of all that has materialized on this planet for the simple fact that people's creative minds were allowed the space to flourish. Afforded time to mature. Overcame obstacles that laid before them to deliver their very concept to your feet. Delivered at your doorstep with a logo on the box that read Amazon or Zappos or another. What would possess a person for that matter to attempt to replace the United States Postal service with FedEx or UPS?  Why at MIT right now they are developing a quantum physics computer processors to replace our current technology.  Simple answer may just be.. because we can. 

Follow the dream that burns within you. Dare to step outside the normal. Risk failure. Loose your way to find your true path of destiny that awaits you. For fortunes favor the bold. And there is nothing that you can not overcome when you believe in you. 



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