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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Discovery of your essence. Which is the person behind the mask. Is life's true treasure and its rewards. #dailychange."

To be the fearless leader the confidence must exude from within. When you forge ahead with intelligence and speed in your action this is focus. Many in business today lack focus. It is also the leading cause of failure with younger companies. Diversification while popular in mutual funds and hedge funds may not always be prudent in your corporate life due to the excessive strains if not managed properly. We may look at our competitors to revere the success they have earned. It is even possible to covet that which they have as something owed to you. If this were the case, it would be in your possession, which it is not yet.  What is possible, it to be satisfied with being the best at your particular focal point. In the popular self help book The Art Of War, this suggestion that a light force focuses on a small but severe attack on the opposing army rather than a full frontal assault is the primer for this illustration. 

If you can harness the person within you. Then what you realize that all you have is all you need. This air of confidence will lend itself in every meeting and with every negotiation. You will begin to see more opportunities for what they are, a winning or loosing strategy for the longevity of your business. Go with confidence, leave with your business. 



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