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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Regret is akin to attempting to fix a creaky door from your childhood home with only the power of your mind."

For every right decision made in your professional life. There is a series of poor decisions that you have learned from. This tack and yawn effect can be minimized as you prepare for the daily battles of business. Judgement is not made in a mental mind alliance can be flawed by one's own perspective. This is the trait of a young business owner. I don't not mean in age, I do mean of season.  However, there is not a longhorn who was not at one point a greenhorn on the field of business. To go backwards and try to fix those mistakes is futile. It is not uncommon to scrap a project to its core only to rebuild better and more profitable.  Make no mistake that is wrought with regret, because you hinder yourself from the greater lesson to be learned for the next engagement. 



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