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Source: Inspirational Statement
Author: Dino Viper

"Accept education freely. Exercise caution when someone wishes to sell you info. There are no refunds for bad advice."

There is simply no substitute for progressive learning. This can be through experiences or literary works. Each day is another opportunity to gleam more information. In fact, that it is the value of information or data which will be the commodity of the future. To give you a brief example, just look at the data storage business. Days of huge file cabinents are reduced to a small data stick that can fit into your pocket or accessed from any part of the world via a data link or web connection. The person who manufactured the best buggy whip at the turn of the century would have never dreamt of such a world. But you are living in it. We all have access to mountains of information never previously available. This is another point of why the expansion of consciousness is occurring at an almost alarming rate of expansion.  There is simply no way to avoid the proliferation of information since there are so many access points.  

To exercise caution is not only prudent when you are attaining the education but practical. MBA degrees are some of the most expensive that I have witnessed to date. But valuable in terms of knowledge and influence in attaining a certain role in society. However, it is not the only method of attaining this same knowledge. So choose your sources wisely, because there are no refunds for bad advice, just lessons to be learned. 



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