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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"When you are present to the moment, time will stand still. Appreciate that pristine moment which has been waiting for you."

 Often when you are calm and present to the moment the thoughts have the freedom to move about in your mind. I recall, sitting on a the train heading into Manhattan. It was another finance meeting. Due to the nature of our business relationship, I knew that this meeting would be at best uncomfortable. I began to worry as I anticipated the outcome. Obviously, my vision was that our funding for the environmental programs would be cut. 

Then as I stared out the window of the train. It was early morning and the sun was beaming through the leaves of the large oak tree. The leaves were sparkling with beams of gold like glitter on my eyes. A question entered my mind. "Do you think that the universe worries that the tree is reaching up for the sun?" As the questions entered my mind the train slowed to almost a slow motion film. A response as a conscious thought came to me, "No." The resounding message meant that there is no reason to worry about what is not in the control of myself. That the universe has it's own plan of expansion and growth. 



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