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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"When life and all things in it occur swiftly & easily, take heed for you may have stumbled upon your purpose."

 There is such a virtue as perseverance. It does have it's own value. The "Never Give Up" type of attitude. This has served many to the pinnacles of success and wealth. However, you may want to also hold in reserve the total amount of energy you put forth. My meaning is to wade into your pool rather than dive head first with reckless abandonment. Learning to listen to the subtle cues of what is a good feeling and what might not be so good takes some skill. But once you have adjusted yourself to this type of listening and learning, you will begin to see things manifest a bit easier for you.  What holds true today is the fact that more of the things you need to continue on your journey are showing up as required or in a timely fashion.  Finding your purpose is to walk in alignment with this feeling to which the life begins to correspond to your daily actions. 




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