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Source: Emotional Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Special thanks for inspiration.The power of fear has had a crippling effect on the human potential."

I was inspired by a woman name Vanessa Inn. She has a popular YouTube video which delves into the point of fear and it's affect on our lives. I have had many terrifying experiences in my life. I have had near death experiences in my life. Additionally, I have lived in fear for many years. What I had to get beyond those fears was years of internal mind work. It was imperative that I relearn my way of thinking in order to bring order to the chaos of fear. What you understand is that fear is a primal instinct we inherited from our ancestors. This is an avoidable instinct. The avoidable becomes in how you react to the fear and consequently deal with it.  My greatest fear in life was faced in August of 2014. Since I faced this fear, I know now that I have little left to fear. 

Not even death has a grip on my life. For I do not believe that the energy within me or you for that mater can be extingushed. So what is to fear if not death. Well, not much. Living with fear is a terribly humbling experience and prevents you from the glorious life. Change perspective and change the way fear is managed in your daily existence. 



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