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Source: Inspiration
Author: Dino Viper

To have a little or to have a lot, it matters not. For at our end, we meet ourselves as we began.

viper nycI recall leaving the high rise from which towered over the 43rd street of Manhattan. It took two elevators and across a mezzanine to get to the last one before my decent to the ground floor. My spirits were elated with a sense of accomplishment of the day's events.  As I left the building I was bombarded with busy people heading to the train station on 42nd street. Everyone was traveling so fast that they appeared to be almost a blur to me. I glanced down at my time piece which was always unforgiving with an impending meet at the Australian Pub. Friends were gathering to watch cricket. A place where we would share our exploits of the day.

As I went along I was bumped and found myself standing on a corner almost knocked off my center. I stopped to look around at all of the faces that were now passing by me. I began to look at them as beautiful manifestations. Variations of the same mold. I marveled how each was uniquely shaped, sized and colored. The thought that crossed my mind was, how amazing a creator to create so many various people. My appreciation for the moment and for the people in it took hold. I began to imagine them as brilliant effervescent lights. I saw them as energies bouncing into one another. Zipping on and off a corner to cross the street. It became so bright that I almost could not make out their form any longer. 

Another bump from a stranger and the moment was lost. But the memory will always be etched on my life experience. For it was then that I did not see individual people but their vivid colors of the same light. All the same regardless of their body forms. This is how we began in life. As a spark of energy to fill into a form. This formless self is how we will return at the end of our journey. 

What is important to understand that "how" we lived or loved is what makes any real mark on our experience while we are here. That regardless of the material items we surround ourselves with, it can not replace our true self within. This was the reminder I received that day. Now, I leave it with you.



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