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What is undeniable is that if you are to look at this from a 50,000 foot view down, there are more people loving one another for the person which resides within them.  What is also a truth is that acceptance or points of view who object to all of these forms of love is not love but ego and pride.  These two fateful combinations creates blockades that is often hard to surmount. They cause conflicts on a personal level equally as powerful on the grand scale of our societies. People will employ all types of arguments to dispell and stand for a rightous position. This is culture and conditioning, but still not love.  It is easier to reject a notion than to accept that this is a reality for some and not all. But all has a place within the whole of our existence. If for nothing else than to prove one fact. Love rivals all, even death.

Translation of the poem:

Don't ask if I love you.

I love your story.

I love your life.

Your inner peace

I like to hear your smile.

I like your nervous habit of touching your hair.

Because you are far, you ask for more.

No matter where you are, where you live is here..

in my heart.




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