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Source: Relationships
Author: Dino Viper

The Last First Date 

Picture in your mind, your first date. Sitting across from a new person. You are laughing and talking. The scenario seems almost too good to be true. A gnawing feeling nips at your insides. Butterflies lead to your stomach. You can not really place the reason, so you go on. You find yourself at bit more relaxed as the laughs continue when the mind loosens it's supremacy over the meeting.

The evening moves gently into the night. At the pace you had not realized. Trust and a closeness reveals itself without reason. Feeling the guard lower which has stood watch over your heart for so long slowly unwinds. A sense of knowing that the person has a good intentions without motive to hurt or betray you. And yet, this nagging feeling enters the space.

End of the night concludes with a gentle hug coupled by a tender kiss which lands on the cheek. Entering your place a sigh releases from your chest. You now lie in your bed starring up at the
ceiling. The rustling of the leaves shake in the wind outside your bedroom window. Replaying the moments of the night you attempt to source the feeling that alluded you earlier.

As you relax your mind, the notion becomes clear to you. Why you felt different during this time than previously. It was a forgotten chest locked away never to be sprung again. There was a key placed in a vanilla envelope along with a small piece of paper. On the paper a check list of things you sought in another person. Scoffed at by the many attempts to claim it's owner. Disillusioned by the past relationships, films of romance or the perfect partner.

The opening of the letter now reveals the seemingly realistic requirements.

  • Someone I can trust to grow old with.
  • Someone that will pick me up when I am low, fight for me
  • when the chips are down.
  • Allow me to fight when I am strong.
  • Will lead when I am nervous but,step aside to walk with me when I am able.
  • A person who will be faithful and understands the meaning of the word.
  • Someone who can make the crooked places straight and mend broken parts.
  • Love without conditions with the same devotions that I would have for them.
  • A person who will accept me for the person I am.
  • That laughing would be simple.
  • Drifting to sleep each night, with their face as the last I would see.

As a smile which has been on your face all night has become painful, while another realization begins to emerge. A complete sense of peace surrounds you. You know that your search has drawn to a  close. Because hours before this person introduced them self to you for the first time. As the sleep takes hold, the thought occurs to you. "I think that I just had the last first date of my life."



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