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Source: Inspirational
Author: Dino Viper

Open you heart to destiny. Release your mind of control of others. Live by a vision.

Over the past few months, there has been a few requests to discus the subject of destiny and karma and their roles in our lives. These are subjective topics. Which can have strong passionate debates from various vantage points and beliefs.  So for the basis of this article, let's accept that these are realities since these are concepts perceived by the minds of the masses. What you can conceive and believe can become the reality you live through.  I prefer to reference the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Which is that nothing happens by chance or not within the boundaries of acceptable limits of the universal laws or caused by our own influence. Simpler explaination is you reap what you sow. 

If you open your heart energy to destiny then you may see people respond with love towards you. Attraction from others becomes almost alarming. The allowance may pose a challenge for those who have experienced painful and abusive relationships. However, if the origination point is honest then the reflection you see in the new faces or engagements is it's equal. People who have ill intentions towards you have a way of being repulsed by this genuine energy.  A small practice to prove this point, is the name game.  Each place I visit, if I hear a name or read a name badge of a person. I address them by their name and ask them how their day is treating them.  When you heart energy is right, they will light up and return this to you. It is a daily change activity, but soon the habit will be formed.  Now you have a gauge on your influence on destiny as new people and opportunities unfold from this positive practice. 

When you look at the concept of control, this is a very hostile tactic.  Not only towards others, but inwardly also. Attempting to control all aspects of your own life or the lives of others is a daunting task. Perhaps the extreme is the control of the mind of others which has unpredictable results. Failure is assured to maintain this exercise as it will cause unrest within yourself and in the people you interact with on a daily basis. Conflicts will become your companion.  From the abstract you are unable control the rotational spin of the planet. You are unable to control the ebb and flow of the ocean as it crashes against the rocks. Surely, we can predict behaviors as we do in games of chess and strategy, but control is a illusion unless it is of one's self.  Releasing the mind of this harmful activity has a freedom that will lead to better physical and mental health. Suddenly, people will state things that improve your own self worth. Examples of these could be, "You seem at peace with life" or "I wish I could be like you.", "You seem so calm with so many issues".  Giving up control will allow you the opportunity to envision a life you want to live.  

We are all students of life. Each of us is equipped with an inner wisdom. Destiny can unfold when you heart is in the right place. Karma can be a benefit as you relinquish the death grip on controlling others. Forgiveness will solve many of the past baggage you have monogrammed with names and places.  Vision of a life filled with peace and happiness is completely under your guidance.



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