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Source: Spiritual
Author: Dino Viper

"Lost to gain. Gained what I never had. Found within myself which had never been lost."

We see this through the pages of history, the loss and triumph of grand figures. The failure only to rise again. Success over insurmountable odds. These are the stories which inspire minds to dream. Creations that will cause the inception of a belief that nothing is impossible.  And yet, deep in the recess of our minds, the flicker of doubt that haunts us. The growing fear of loss. But what if you lost everything? Would you not have everything to gain? I pose this question. What would this discovery explain about the true entity that lives within you? 

It is this very thing that inspires my daily thoughts and actions. There was a time that I manifested many things into my life, by sheer will and determination.  I racked up the score card and made the notches on what I believed would bring me ultimate satisfaction.  The trappings of a perfect life to the outsider looking in. When in fact, it brought me closer to a reality of lacking something greater in my life. The endless pit of filling yet feeling empty at the same time was bewildering to me. Why? About this time of the question of why, that it was shown to me.  Here I will inject a word of caution to the reader.

Be wary of the questions you ask of the universe. Because the answers may be revealed to you in real time. Typically at a time you may not be prepared to receive those answers.

Such was the case for me. My yearning to reach a new level of understanding to be filled with a quality of life, set into motion a whirlwind that blew away my current existence.  The family marriage fell apart. My wife at the time was hospitalized. My children transplanted into a relatives home. The company I had created was elevated from my oversight by my investors and partners. I found myself without a penny, without my family, in a foreign country without the ability to return.  This was to be my greatest journey and within that the greatest discovery in a single word. This word was fulfillment.  I found that once stripped off all the things that was not true self, I was only left with my authentic self. A humbling experience to have the ego dismantled in such a way. But a necessary step in the evolutionary process to come to an appreciation for what was there within me the entire time.  

It was the light in the darkest of times. The blanket on the coldest of nights. Thirst quenched with the understanding that I could be happy with a little or nothing at all. For the breeze became a salvation from the heat. And kindness from a stranger my angel in disguise.  This was the shining moment. The make or break it time.  Would I collapse and crawl under a bridge or be the example that you can rise above and take on life? To harness a power tempered by wisdom so great that it beams from your chest into the eyes of others who gaze upon you. Releasing to be loved. 

Be filled with this light that you have within you. Live to be the example. Perhaps you will never know this humility, I pray that you don't. But if you are feeling alone, hungry and tired you are on the verge of understanding humanity at it's most primal level. Show kindness towards others, for you never know at which intersection of their life you have met them.




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