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Source: Emotional 
Author: Dino Viper

"Love and hope are the two most powerful forces you can use in your life. Embrace them and never let go."

Through this life, I have experienced great things. In terms of great gains of wealth and prosperity.  I have also experienced the great pain of loss of family and even became penny less. And for anyone who has been penny less, this is when a cup of coffee or a bottle of water can make the difference of whether you can hold onto hope for another day. So what is this about our humanity, that we can bear these fantastic highs but also experience these tremendous lows? You may have asked yourself this same question. Why me? Why is this occurring time and time again in my life?  This is to illustrate to you that you do not control anything that is not already laid out for you to experience. (I can only picture in my mind of sitting in the back seat while the cab driver is speeding down the crowded busy street narrowly missing pedestrians.) It is also to bring about humility to shine brightly on your gratitude. Now, it is also true, that some of us will not see this. For them, this is most unfortunate, because in it lies the greatest gift of all.  Love.  To the reader, I ask you to indulge me a minute longer. 

The one universal force that grants life  to us all loves you completely. It loves you more than you can even hate yourself. This is true unconditional love. And like all loves, sometimes this can mean that you will experience tough love too. When you take life for granted. When you do not pay respect to the life afforded to you. You may begin to feel the effects of this "tough love".  Like the story of Jobe, things will be taken away. Negative people will begin to fill your day. All of these things will begin to flood your current reality. It can be overwhelming. It can feel that there is no end in sight. You may ask, "When will this suffering ever end?"  So I will tell you.

When you yield to the situation. Accept this as your current reality. Not the next chapter of your life. You need to become the observer to your concerns and issues. Almost as if they were not yours to begin with.  You gain perspective. You begin to feel lighter and yes, even happier. This is when the love is returned to you. It is the humility factor coupled with gratitude that fortifies your soul. I call this moment ... FAITH FORWARD not FACE FORWARD.  When you entrust that all has a purpose that the greater good is begin served even at your expense. That you have love and hope living within your heart, then grace is returned to you.  

I know this, because I lived on less than $5 dollars a day after loosing my home, cars, family and relieved of my wealth and title. Yet, I was left with love, hope, gratitude, humility within my heart dwelling in my soul. I began to find things that would bring me happiness. These were the little things like sun light, fresh air and a warm smile became my treasures.  Today, life has made a turn around. I enjoy comforts again, yet I never forget the one source energy who gave my life meaning. So, if life has got you down or against the ropes, I am sending you my hug of Love and Hope, pass it on.






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