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I can not stress to you this vital point Your imagination is a divine gift. Granted to you to live a life of your own creation. So if you give up due to ego, pride or fear of loss you will never reach your true potential. This is the source of the feeling within you that you are not enough. But this is the exact opposite. You have more than enough potential and creativity to begin a new chapter in your life. Make a move. Try a new skill. Learn a new language. Do one thing everyday that takes one step closer to the vision on your canvas.  Don't try to do everything at once. It will lead to failure quickly. Instead take small but persistent steps in the right direction. After some time due to your positive actions, the universe will move in accordance to your heart's song to bring things into place to assist you on your journey. This is what is refereed to as manifestation.  Dream largely. Dream in vivid color. Release your imagination and creativity. Love the life you are living. I believe in you.




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