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Source: Inner Reflections
Author: Dino Viper

The greatest opponent you will face in life, is often oneself.

As we begin to pull back on the layers of our personality. We can erode the ego which we have built up over years of efforts. Shearing off the wallpaper of our inflated self worth. Tearing down the walls of what we believe we require in our lives. At this very meek look into ourselves you are presented with a different perspective on who you are. The image that you are left with staring at you in the mirror may look unfamiliar. It can be at this time, that you revolt and get even sick to your stomach not wearing the mask that you have become so comfortable wearing. This experience is a humbling process.  When this occurred to my own self, I began to weep. For I needed to understand that this is my true self that I had missed for many years of my life.

Manufacturing of all the things that are not you, takes an amazing amount of time and effort. It will take years to perfect this building of the mask around you.  When you become aware of this, you begin to see others as if at a masquerade ball. This is so familiar to you as we hail celebrities and public figures with our own impressions and pedestals. That we see others emulate these celebs in a fashion that assists us to blend into a crowd avoiding the special nature of our true self for fear of non acceptance.  This burial of our true essence builds over time and manifests itself into sickness, stress, unhappiness and general unrest within your core being. Yet, you may not understand why. 

You are faced with a great opponent in your life. This is the battle of the mind and the authentic self. The mind wants to create a world around itself. The authentic self wants to be one with all things. Often this battle is done in silence. It leads to suppression with games, stimulants or procurement of items. This civil unrest can be discussed with close friends or therapists, but only you know the true answers. 

I will end this short note with these words for your authentic self. You are a beautiful manifestation of the universe. Encapsulated into a human form in order to perfect the person within for a higher purpose. Realize that the only acceptance you require in life is that of yourself. You are loved more than you can ever mount in hate. I believe in your greatness. So should you.



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