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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"You will not understand the grand design unless you appreciate the beauty that is within you."

Over the years, I spent much of my time in focus groups, labs and research facilities both for my employ and abroad through my travels. I was always curious at what beliefs people may have had. To gain a better appreciation for life itself. I wanted to know their own motivations. We can all relate to the primary motives of love, shelter, warmth, food, power but beyond that laid my curiosities. This had culminated in interviews with people from all walks of life.  From the extraordinary wealthy to ambassadors right down to spending quality time with a man on a street corner in an effort to gain an understanding. This of course, included sampling different religions, books, visionaries  which many claim to be driving force behind the people I met. It was like a real world game of "Who Done It." In this case, however, it was "Who said it" and/or "Who wrote it"?  Through these meetings I arrived at the same place, a center place. This place that is all encompassing. All of these points of view are necessary to culminate into the current reality that we share. Not one better than the other, not one who doesn't have something in the smallest of ways in common with the other. It was as if, it all came from the same source spring yet told in many different languages.  That there is a real beauty within you that burns brightly, which also seeks expression in the things that you do in your daily life. 

As I look at the image of a dragon fly, I am reminded of the immense amount of details displayed in these life forms. The smallest of hairs which help it determine winds and atmospheric pressures. Even the amazingly vivid color splashes but with a purpose. Even as I peer in through the delicate wings, I see a grand design. I am reminded that even this small creature can yet teach me, that perhaps the colors are not perfectly aligned. That the single wing may look slightly different, to make it unique. As I should look at all people and all living life forms on this planet. That there is true beauty within each of us and even the flaws are perfectly you.  So not matter who I speak to now, I know that there is a true purpose in the design by the great architect who made me and even made the smallest dragon fly to exist together in this world.



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