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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Do not allow the opinions of others sway your aspirations. They can not be you. Regret is a dark mistress."

In the course of our lives, there are people who have the best intentions behind their words. The opposite is also true. But for now let's us not focus on the words, but the emotional reasons behind their words.  This word is "failure".  It can be a crushing blow to any person for their own ego to bear. Shame might compliment this emotion which can become toxic shame to hinder any further aspirations of creativity.  The road you traverse here with these two emotions will bring you to a very dark place. A place of regret. It will become your companion. You will look at it and say you tried that with a scoff and therefore it will become the mistress that holds you back from greatness. 

I ask you to pause and think for only a moment of things that you did not do, because someone told you could not. Or perhaps that person did not believe you could.  Now, I will share with you the reality. THEY themselves could not do this thing. THEY could not fathom the potential that lies just beneath the surface of your soul. THEY could not see the limitless potentiality of your dreams. But you could. And if you gave up, it brings a small tug of sadness to your heart. Something unfulfilled in your life. Now you can never return to a seedling. You can only grow from this experience. How you go about the next chapter of your life is in fact up to you. Regardless of what anyone has told you. Follow your heart. Begin to take action on the things you believe whole hardheartedly in doing.  Even if you fail and fail again, I will tell you one thing. You will never look back and wish any different had occurred in your life. 



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