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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"When you commune and appreciate the balance of nature's elements. You find no division of self and beauty. #dailychange"

it is vital that you get out in nature as often as you are able. Many of our ilk forget that we are part of nature. That we forget our place because we dominate so much of this planet with building and construction. That we create massive mono-farms of food. We attempt to control nature herself, with chemical sprays and repellents. We envision a virtual war between us and nature.

When the truth is that we are but a piece of nature. This becomes more evident when you sit on a rock by a pond or lake. Even when you sit with your toes in the sand. A sense of well being or a return comes into your center of calm. The fresh air fills your lungs to rejuvenate you from within. This is the very essence of the nature within you afforded the time to commune. A true beauty can be seen in all things surrounding you and you within it. Peace, calm and beauty. Enjoy your life.



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