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Source: Motivational Thoughts
Author: Dino Viper

"Are you more concerned with the having feeling rather than the being emotion? Your happiness can depend on the answer."

So much of our lives in the current state of consciousness is focused on the attainment of the material. It is a gaping hole within us. A feeling on non-completeness that we attempt to fill with objects. Object of materials items and objects of affections. Both often after attainment, still leave us with the same original feeling. During my years at the ad agency we spent much of our client's budgets in determining the emotional triggers which would cause this response. This can be referred to as the emotional purchase or impulse descision. The feeling is ingrained in us as small children as the term of currency was taught to us or the lack there of, which meant that we would not have an item. The attachment to having things to be complete is now seeded at a very tender age. Later, this is then used to foster that desire, ergo consumerism. 

What can not be bought is what you already have. That is the ability to be happy for what is. What is in your life or who is in your life presently. You can begin to feel happy and complete now. Sometimes a bit of programming or reverse programming is required. Hence, to begin your day with 10-20 things you are grateful for in your life, is a great way to start the change within. Then anything you attain in your life afterward is just simply a bonus. This is the "being happy" emotion, rather than a pursuit of things to make you more fulfilled. 




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