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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"To become aware of yourself, is to behave as the observer. You can defuse negative feelings by this practice."

As humans, I believe that we have many things to learn from nature. And from the nature of other life forms on this planet. When I inspect the balance that they achieve in their life, I question our own intelligence. For all of our technological advancements we have not created more balance. In fact, we have created more separation more disharmony.  To further this point, we can not replicate the power of pollination or fertilization that our food sources rely upon without the talents of bees. We rely on them to such a degree for all the work they are able to do that we transport them to farms around the country. As their population dwindles we see a vital chain in our balance also falter as we are tied to them. 

We must begin to see ourselves as part of the Eco system not just an overlord willing to impose our will upon the planet. When this does not occur we revolt internally and externally we see this as anger and frustration. If you are able to take a step back an look at life on a macro scale instead of a micro scale you may see that we are all one. That we are all vital to each others survival. This is self awareness. This is the life of the observer. See joy in faces and know that they have a life of balance.



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