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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"No one can write your manifesto for you. You may not have done this for yourself. Live to be a legacy not just a memory."

A manifesto is a ideal that you live by. It is a writing of the person or the objective of the person or company which will define you. what sort of person are you today? This may be something you were afraid to ask of yourself. You may not like the answer. This is because you need to create a manifesto of your own device. Take the pain staking time to write out the world, the life, the love, the hearts true desire. What could happen is that you signal to the universe that you are prepared to live your true life's purpose. This is the stock that you were made to become.  It is sad but true that you may not have much of anything to write and that is completely fine. It means that you must put this in the back of your mind and allow your subconscious mind to arrive at the answer, while you go about your daily activities.  However, put this into action to see the waves of change occur for you.




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