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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"At times we try to prevent someone from themselves. Ultimately they are on their own journey of their own creating."

We have all attempted to help someone in time of crisis. Wanted to lighten the blow to their ego. Stand in the way of a lesson to be learned. It could have been in the name of friendship, love or empathy, but you are hindering their own growth.  This is so tough to comprehend when you have a large and open heart for other people.  None of us relish in the demise of people, unless revenge or spite is within our heart for that person.  So to prevent them with words of advice or even taking action to stop an occurrence you might be stealing vital growth from them. In essence cheating them from the pruning required to foster new life expansion. We are not the master architect by any stretch of imagination.  

Look back on a situation that you prevented a person from harming themselves. Only to learn a short while later that it happened anyway and there was nothing you could have done about it. Well, this is because this was meant to occur in their life. Since you interrupted the master architect worked a way around you for their benefit. We must allow people to choose their own path. To create a world of their own colors and imagination. For this creates a dynamic fabric of life for all of us. 




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