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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Patience is the method of communication to the universal laws that you have faith and trust with your value of life."

At times, we all have responded quickly to a situation. Perhaps in hindsight we might have said or done things differently. This is true that you could have. It is an equal truth that you will have another opportunity to prove it. Do not get down upon yourself if you happy to fail again. Life is a series of failures. In fact, failures and mistakes are at the very core of our existence. They are a method of refinement. You can not expect to be refinement of a wine without time and patience. Nor can you expect this refinement to occur overnight from your children or co-workers or even your parents. We all have our own requirements to bring about the best in our character.  

Take life easier. Slow down a bit more. Give patience as your communication to others. Breeze through or bend to the weight of harshness of others. For you understand the higher value of the refinement of the inner self. 



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