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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Fear of the unknown can leave you lonely & unfulfilled. Challenge yourself to believe in your greatness. #dailychange"

A true awakening occurs during the mid life of an individual. It is not uncommon for their to be those before or some after this period. The shift manifests itself, as we begin to examine our own existence. Looking backward at a the life experience and looking ahead at our own mortality. Then the questions begin to take place to journey within to find the answers. You may see this in people who take a voyage to a part of the world, that they never even spoke about before to you. Maybe you will see them begin a new career or end a marriage. All of these are symptoms of the shift that is taking place within them. The mid-life crisis as some will point out, is nothing more than a life in conflict with the heart's desires and the reality of choices that were made.  Often these choices were the best at the time to be made with all of the information at hand. But they may not hold the same values as we look beyond. A loneliness may set in. A sadness may overtake periods of your day for the life unfulfilled. 

I challenge you to embrace this time. This is the best opportunity to harness what compels you to find your true purpose. Don't shrink. Rather rise to the occasion to take this life by the horns. Go for what will bring you happiness. Be careful not to be reckless as to hurt other people in the process.



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