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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"The word human comes from a Sanskrit term for 'man' that means 'The Dispenser of Divine Gifts.' "

Imagine yourself as a fountain in a popular plaza or gathering place. People from cities and villages are travel to drink and fill up their bottles with your water. What does your water appear to look like to you? How would it taste to the people who had partaken of your resources? It is an interesting exercise for the mind to process this vision or task your imagination with such a thought.  But this is exactly what you are.. a fountain. And people who come to you daily or interact with you are drinking from your well.  The thought may spring up within you that your supply might be tainted with bad thoughts and a foul odor, which spurns more people to return the dirty water to your fountain.  This is the crux of attempting to keep your mind pure of thought and your tongue and fingers free of negative waging. Because not a sole alive wants dirty water as a refreshment. 

This is your choice to the the dispenser of good tidings. To be the person that for every engagement with you leaves them with a sense of refreshment. What you will see by this method of practice is that the line will wrap around the building to get what you give to them freely. This is an amazing feeling of change and prosperity.




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