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Source: Inner Wisdom
Author: Dino Viper

"Time reveals all of it's secrets."

It is truly a magical thing to look back over the years to reflect on the person you once occupied in this life stream. I refer to this as a life stream because it has its own flow to it. Like a river over the rocks and through canyons, from rapids to the trickle of the tiny stream your life is similar to this reference. When we are younger we rush into many situations that provide a learning experience. Albeit at times the lessons that we learn best are the ones that hurt us to most deeply. All provide a point of reference in the stream of consciousness.

Those of which were the most painful usually stem from those we allow closest to us. We allow them to involve, engage and wrap themselves neatly into our lives. So much to this point, that I envision a ball of yarn. Each person who comes in and out of your life, will leave a mark. Reference each of them as their own color. Now picture in your minds eye your own favorite color. And as each persons wraps themselves around you, it represents another thread of yarn being woven into your own ball. As we progress in life, our own ball of yarn becomes larger to reflect the experience. The various colors of yarn now intertwined reveals that we are a make up of our past experiences where people have imprinted upon us.  To separate ourselves from this thread is nearly impossible. Our greatest aspiration is to acknowledge this thread and accept that it is not you but only a single thread of you. One that perhaps made you larger and stronger than you were previously. 

These are the secrets that are revealed to you in time. That each thread represents a time line and/ or an experience which removed a layer of your ignorance and shed upon you enlightenment. Alas, this is an erosion of the innocence granted to us as we enter this existence. However, like the beauty of the Lotus flower, it would not bloom into itself without the mud.



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