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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"The greatest fear is the one realized. Facing this fear removes it's hold over you." 

To be alone in this world can be a sad state of being. You may feel incomplete or less than. It can bring about such dissatisfaction in your life that disharmony occurs. Life begins to take on a shade of grey to which, all things in it begin to mask themselves with a certain hue of ugliness. Brace yourself that you may be the cause. Your belief within your mind is having this affect on the world around you and the reality you are living.  This is the Law of Cause and Effect. You are creating the space and place which is the culprit or cause of the situation. And the effects you are witnessing all around you as the worse things become highlighted. It appears everywhere.  This is your perspective, which you have the power to change. 

Here is the meat of the bone. You are never truly alone in this world. There is a being within you that is vibrant, loving, caring and kind. Inside other people on this planet share this with you. Your problems are not as unique as they appear to be. Many before you and many after will have the same issues. The lonely you feel is the lack of appreciation for who you are within yourself. If there is no one to love you in return, then spend all your love credits on yourself. It may be good to get involved with a non for profit or charity with a purpose which speaks to you. Give of yourself and more will be returned to you.  I venture that you will be able to relate to find others who feel the same way you do. Then you will realize that you were never really alone at all. 



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