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Source: Spiritual Quote
Author: Dino Viper

The mind can be the maze. Peace the liberator.

Often we allow the mind to rule our daily lives. We create the stories with our past experience as the foundation to create the world we believe in. However, this can be true or this can be a falsehood that lures you into a negative spin. In other cultures they call this Maya. Which is the fantasy created with the mix of ego and a mind out of control.  This can lead to major issues, as the world imagined becomes your nightmare.  Getting a break in thinking can begin to elevate this condition. Hence the one of the greatest benefits of meditation.  Beside reducing stress levels within the body, meditation can be a wonderful method a putting the mind to "off duty" status. 

As a species we are in touch with our feelings. Even those that will say that do not feel; actually feel the suppression or disconnect of feeling emotions. The lack of feelings about a person or subject is not unusual. This is why when people say that they have an amazing connection to a person or place it is such a wonderful surprising feeling. It can be a welcoming experience. There was a place in Culver City that I felt this overwhelming sense of love and acceptance. The place was called the Agape Spiritual Center with Micheal Beckwith.  I remember going there on a Wednesday night for the first time, after meeting someone in Santa Monica / Venice Beach and was told about the venue.  I walked into a huge place, where parking was difficult, the inner sanctum had a warm and inviting glow. I really had not thought about what to expect, I just felt that I was told about this place for a reason, therefore I followed.  The service began in the early evening which I was excited to hear him speak. His wife Ricki and the band came out first to open the heart. Then he asked the audience for all of those who were new or the first time at the center to stand.  As you can imagine, I was reluctant to be called out. But I hit the allow button and stood up along with maybe 4-5 other people.  The audience in attendance had been given a small card, with a welcome letter in it. They all read this aloud while holding their hands facing all of us. The line which stood out was "I see you. I see me in you." At this point, I felt my walls crumble and my eyes swell with a volume of tears. For it was at this moment that I had the feeling of acceptance and love. So much love at one time from a huge room of strangers that I became overwhelmed.  The feeling of being overwhelmed by Love was something I only felt in the early stages of love with a single person. To receive this from of love by an entire room of total strangers from all walks of life, was mind blowing.  To mean that it blew away the rational mind and drove me straight into my heart and more importantly into feeling.

Now maybe you will never find yourself in California. Maybe you will not have the same experience. My point is to tell you that this is possible. That there is an overwhelming love within you that comes from a place beyond you. That acceptance and tolerance can be tools to assist you to this place.  To be the very place you can return to each and every day.  As Micheal says as he ends his sermons, "And so it is."






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