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Source: Inspirational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"Too often we let our history dominate our identity. This is who you were, not who you are or who you will become."

Like you I have had many lovers, employments, travels, friends and associates. All of these experience leaves a mark on the person that you are today. There is little denying this fact, that we are a culmination of experiences of the past. The danger comes from the definition that we allow to take over our current life and the life we are about to embark upon. It would sound unusual to care about the paper or gum stuck to your shoe. To give it anymore time that it takes to remove it from your current reality. Then leave it behind as you take your next steps forward.  But this is exactly how we treat our past. We carry this along like a badge of honor. When in reality it becomes the very thing that binds you to the past. Every step forward has a tacky feeling a sound that you think all of us can hear, but we can not.  It is only you who decides who or what you will become.  

I believe you can be greater than the person you were yesterday.



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