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Source: Motivational Quote
Author: Dino Viper

"We were all given a set number of challenges before we began. Some self imposed, most ordained to reveal your true spirit."

Let us imagine for just a moment, that you were given a list of all the challenges that you will face in your lifetime. Many of us, including myself would shrink from this list and ask to remain in the womb. So take great solace in the fact, that you only have to face these in blocks of time. Trust that each of us, has our own set of hurdles to jump. If you see a person who seemingly has it all together. Be happy for them. Genuinely happy because you have no idea what their set of obstacles were to get to the place or the sacrifices or pain they had to endure to be blessed with those gifts.  Sometimes those gifts are not really gifts but a burden upon them from their perspective.

If you choose envy and pride in your daily aspirations. Be prepared to handle some of the greatest challenges of all. This is of course, yourself and the self imposed. Not all challenges are born from this place of pride and envy. When challenges are true of heart with elements of positive outcome for you and others, then pursue them with vigor. Watch as the attainment ushers in growth and abundance to your life. 



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