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Dino Viper Book




The Art Of Pairing


Exploring the kitchen is a way to lift your spirits and bring delicious flavors into your life. With Levitate With Me,  our new wine vintages of Sonoma Valley.  I invite you on an exciting culinary journey with award-winning recipes that pair perfectly with special wine varietals from around the world - all selected by me!


Inside this collection of scrumptious delights lies easy instructions, food preparations and romantic poetry specially written for these experiences. Enjoy curating delightful meals while being whisked away in sweet words of love – join me as we Levitate Together!

Loose it All


When faced with life’s greatest challenges, we have the ability to find strength within us that can carry us through. This newfound vulnerability allows us to discard our ego and seek truth in times of despair.


Through this process, there is an opportunity for rebirth: a new chance at higher heights or lower lows – it all depends on how you choose to embrace your power! So come along - embark upon this journey and discover yourself anew!

Loose it all Book
Cabernet Sauvignon Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Sauce

"As we sip on a glass of European wine, we're reminded of the beauty and complexity of life, of the way it's shaped by the land and the people who inhabit it."

— Dino, The Art OF Pairing

Chardonnay and Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts

"We're reminded of the importance of savoring every moment, every taste, every sensation, as we journey through the rich and complex world of indulgence."

— Dino, The Art OF Pairing

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