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Change of your nature is difficult

Change of your nature is difficult. Change in how you perceive life and live within it is probable with daily action.

There are basic guides to your internal and external changes. Externally we are changing all of the time. This can be caused by aging, exercise, or the lack thereof, the place where you work, play, and eat are some examples of changing your environment. Then there are the internal changes. How your attitude towards a topic, person, or concept changes as your awareness of the matter deepens within you. An example may be same-sex marriages, interracial couples, women in power positions or conflict with other people are a few which may have changed for you over time. Often change is slow but constant. A quick change in your life may lead to an inner and external struggle to adjust. For instance, a heart attack or perhaps a death. Even a near-death experience can cause a temporal change in your reality. However, in the end, there is a baseline scientists often refer to this as homeostasis to your very nature.

Inherent within all of us is the primal nature of your being. Truth is that life has a way of manipulating this nature. Causes include a traumatic experience with a lover or family member. As an adult it could be employment or exposure to different subjects of education which can trigger an overall change to the nature of your being. But it will not completely erase who you are in the still of the night.

You may attempt to control another or others with powers of persuasion. Perhaps you heard the cooing sounds a woman may make as she attempts to sway the mind of her father, child or influence a man. Or as a man, raises his voice several octaves as he attempts to press upon his point of excuses towards his wife or employer. These attempts are feeble to manipulate a person’s mindset. Hypnotic rhythm in how a person communicates can be seen by news casters on TV networks. This is all in attempt to cause a temporary change in your attitude or belief. and true it can accomplish the goal. However, it is temporary and leaves the person with doubt of sincerity and validity.

At this point, you may be asking yourself what is real change. Can I cause a real change in my life? What role does destiny or karma play in my current reality? In my opinion there are many factors that you can change in your life to reveal your true nature. This is the point. To shed away the layers of your personality which has been honed in over the years or decades. To get to the heart of your nature can be achieved when your mind is set to pause during meditation or a life thrilling exercise. In these moments you feel your life force within you most prominently. As you gain perspective through listening to inspirational music, frequencies or speakers you can begin to tear down the borders around you. This is the reference I refer to as the “daily change”. Similar to the way we age, small steps in the way of daily change may lead to a happiness within yourself. A confidence in the knowing that this is “just me”. Once you have achieved this acceptance of yourself. you will begin to see others correspond to this same vibration within you. Then a remarkable thing that begins to unfold. Real change in your life. Then the journey really begins to take off for you to fulfill your destiny and clear away the karma in your life.

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