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Power And Control

“The only truth is how you react to the outcome of right or wrong. This creates your own reality to live through.”

Power and control are a vice. No two ways around this are human nature. It is a matter of conditioning. Once you are aware of you become into a greater awareness of yourself, you can see these things for what they truly are to you. Moreover, you can see the effect they have on the people around you. What you may notice is that people will tend to shy away if you are attempting to influence control of their lives. If you have little to no power which is to yield or fold at every adversity, you will find yourself with the words “welcome” on the posterior of your shirt or blouse. So what is the best course of action to create the balance you may ask?

Simply put, control how you react to a situation. Remove yourself from it and become the observer of the issue. Often we find it easier to correctly give advice to others but not so easy when it comes to our own issues or concerns. This is objective behavior or the lack thereof. The only right or the only wrong is how you influence your power for yourself in any situation. Strike an even balance once you have achieved a level of calm. Then you will begin to choose your reality not change the other person. There is another timeline for change for that person.

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