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Reveal A Mile At A Time

They reveal a mile at a time is the ultimate game of patience and faith.

In this life, I have encountered those unique people that are able to see a bit further around the bend of time than others. Glimpses into a future not yet known to you or I. I often wondered if this was a gift or a curse. To be able to see the future but do very little about it. Or perhaps it is worse because it is not their own future that they see but others’ fortunes or loss. Never really able to capitalize on the ability in a traditional sense. Would you even really want to know the future for better or for worse? Our curiosity will echo a resounding yes.

And yet, we see the future in the eyes of children. We marvel at the advances of technology. Our endless searching beyond the stars to find a greater meaning to our lives. Yet, we plan our lives meagerly. Never really grasping the fact that our time is very limited. Old grief or past conflict carried in our rucksack for years weighs down our very footsteps to a crawl. Memories of a time forgotten by most plague our current emotional being. Always the burden of having one foot in the past and the other towards the future. Some have said that if you want to know the future then one only needs to review the past. That we make our plans and that the universe laughs at them. The question becomes, how will the rational person deal with knowing the past, the unknowing of the future, and deal with the right here and now.

The answer is a mile at a time. One foot in front of the other. Make your plans based on the desired outcome. Visualizing the end game of how you would like your like to look is the basis of vision boards that people speak of. This has its roots in intention. The intention is coupled with the emotion which causes things to react to you and around you. For as long as I can remember, I had a vision of what I wanted my life to look like. I even had a timeline at which these things would occur. Only to be taught by life itself of its own internal clock and agenda. It is the ‘letting go” portion of the equation that my patience would not afford. It was the lack of faith that things were moving into place to occur in a later part of my life which I did not fully understand.

At present, I relax with the notion that all is as it should be. Or else it would be different. That the magic in the “not knowing” is life’s surprises as it is revealed to us. So we don’t know what we don’t know until we do, becomes a mantra of letting go and appreciation. The appreciation stems from understanding that there are many factors of nature and circumstances that have to be aligned in order for our aspirations to be fully realized. Just because you want a full-grown tree to grow in your backyard in weeks does not mean this will occur. But in time, you will see the tree raise to a height you had not imagined it could.

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