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Your Life Force

Your role on this planet may exceed your understanding. Understand that you are vital to this world.

The person to hold dear is the inner light which is your true self. All that surrounds you will illuminate brighter when you harness this love of self. Then all is right with the world around you. Things will begin to affect you less drastically. Life will begin to flow at a pace that you can watch from a safe distance. Peace envelops your daily actions. The slower the mind will be and the happier the soul will respond.

May you appreciate the lovely essence of your true self every day. Because you are a special part of the universal intelligence. It is your experience and vision that is collected and shared for the legacy of people to come into being.

Surf the skies. Swim the bluest waters. Laugh though the winds of a warm summer. Use your eyes to see beyond the Maya of your day. This is the vital nature of life itself. Of which you are indistinguishable from. Go with God. Bless those around you with light and love. See it returned to you in kind ways all day.

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